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Everything You Need To Know About The Possibility Of ‘The Great’ Season 4



Everything You Need To Know About The Possibility Of ‘The Great’ Season 4

Waiting for the historical comedy-drama The Great season 4? We have updates! This incredible series is loosely based on the rise to power of Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia! Catherine the Great came to Russia to marry Peter III of Russia.

But things take a turn when she finds herself surrounded by dogmatic beliefs and customs. The Great is described as ‘anti-historical’. It has received exciting reviews from the audience specifically for the directing, writing, and performance of the characters. Fanning and Hoult have received wide appraisals.

The Great has also received multiple accolades including 7 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. Now since the release of the third season, spectators are wondering about the release of season 4. Let’s get you started on that!

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The Great Season 4 Release Date

We are sorry to disappoint you but the reason there’s no The Great season 4 release date is because Hulu canceled the series after three seasons. Before the release of the third season, Hulu announced it to be the finale.

We were all waiting for Ellen Fanning Catherine to return for another season with a more exciting plot. For the team, this isn’t the ending but the rebirth of Catherine’s reign. The team has always been positive about a potential season 4 but unfortunately, it came to an end. 

McNamara talked about the finale and said they were looking forward to another season. 

The official statement reads, “I think yesterday I was reading some things and I thought ‘that’d be cool for season 4.’… I feel like I’m interested and I’m excited about what it is — what is this iteration of the show, which was always kind of one we were heading towards.”

The Great Season 4

Why Did Hulu Cancel The Great After Season 3?

Everyone is wondering how the cancelation of The Great even takes place. Because the series received extraordinary reviews from the audience and has a massive loyal following. The news is shocking to all of us because the real reason behind the cancellation is not revealed by the streaming platform.

Considering the popularity of the series, there’s always a chance that it could get picked up by another network. There are no updates on that as of now but there’s a possibility. 

What We Could Have Seen In The Great Season 4?

We could have watched a lot of exciting things if there was The Great Season 4. Watching Catherine the Great live her life without Peter and be the leader she needs to be would be something different too. 

Fanning hinted about the plan for season 4 and that they all thought about doing season 4. 

“I’ve definitely thought about it. I do feel pressure because of what Nick brings to Peter and how larger than life he is, there is that absence there. I think is important that we feel that absence in the second half of the season because it goes with the grief and it really works. 

The Great Season 4

But then, I also had to figure out a way to try to fill that hole, so that it wouldn’t just become only about sadness because our show is a comedy, as well, for sure. The way that the season ends her dance and how she cuts her hair, she’s reborn and she’s changed so much. 

Each season, she always changes, but this time, she’s really prepared to step into herself, on her own. The whole series, she has always had Peter, and now, she has to actually let him go, to be able to be the leader that she needs to be. So, it would be exciting to get to do that.”

The Great Season 4 Cast

If we could get to watch The Great season 4, the return of Catherine the Great is for sure. We might not get to watch the return of Hoult as Peter III because he died in the finale. The main character will probably return. It follows:

  • Phoebe Fox as Mariel
  • Adam Godley as Archie
  • Gwilym Lee as Grigor
  • Belinda Bromilow as Aunt Elizabeth
  • Douglas Hodge as General Velementov
  • Charity Wakefield as Georgina
The Great Season 4 Release Date


The cancellation of The Great definitely came to all of us by surprise. But if the series is picked up by another network it would be really exciting for the audience. We will get to see a new phase of Catherine the Great.

If you want to be updated on The Great Season 4 in the future then stay tuned with us. Have any doubts? Feel free to drop them in the comments section and we will try to get back to you! 


1. Will There Be The Great Season 4?

No! The Great Season 4 was canceled by the streaming network Hulu after three seasons. 

2. How Many Seasons Are The Great?

There are a total of 3 seasons of The Great following the adventurous life of Catherine the Great. 

3. Where Can I Watch The Great Season 3?

You can catch up on all seasons of The Great including season 3 on Hulu.

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