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The Equalizer is an action-packed film series starring Denzel Washington as the main character. The audiences are curious to know about the possibility of The Equalizer 4. He is a former black operative who takes on a new mission to help those in trouble. The film contains many action scenes and includes the impressive performance of Denzel Washington.

The plot follows the equaliser, Denzel Washington, who portrays Robert McCall, a retired black operative who now leads a quiet life working at a hardware store. When he meets a young girl named Teri, who is under the control of violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand still.

Robert uses his skills to help her, following a chain of events that finally leads to the confrontation with the Russian Mafia. As he takes on the criminals, Robert’s past and skills are revealed as a man with a faulty past. The movie is a thrilling one with a mix of action and suspense. Let’s get into the details of The Equalizer 4. 

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The Equalizer 4 Release Date Speculation

In August 2023, the possibility of The Equalizer 4 has been discussed by Fuqua. The team has been planning to produce a thrilling prequel movie focusing on the origins of Robert McCall. Further discussion led to the possibility of John David Washington or Michael B. Jordan making an appearance in the movie.

Later, it was revealed that The Equalizer 3 will be the finale but the team would like to make another movie if Denzel Washington is expected to return. Denzel Washington said, “This is the end for me. It may not be the end, they may do another one, but it’s the end for me.” This hints that The Equalizer 4 will most likely not happen. 

Cast And Characters of The Equalizer 4

Though the possibility of The Equalizer 4 is fragile, there could always be a door open. Continuing The Equalizer franchise without Denzel Washington would be incomplete. Though the team could still work something out and make it happen. We could probably see the following characters make a return. 

  • Dakota Fanning as Emma Collins
  • Eugenio Mastrandrea as Gio Bonucci
  • David Denman as Frank Conroy
  • Gaia Scodellaro as Aminah
  • Remo Girone as Enzo Arisio

What To Expect In The Equalizer 4? 

Though we will not have The Equalizer 4, there’s a different show that one could follow. Recently, The Equalizer season 4 has been released. 

In the first episode of the series, McCall rushes to save her team from danger caused by her ex-CIA colleague, Michelle Chambers and uncovers the truth behind a CIA operation in Venezuela. The second episode involves McCall investigating a hit-and-run incident and Dee considering joining the armed forces.

In the third episode, McCall looks into the death of a real estate developer killed by a subway train, and Aunt Vi and Dee help an elderly neighbour. Lastly, in the fourth episode, McCall assists in exposing unethical practices within a former military unit. Each episode brings a mix of action, investigation, and personal relationships.


The Equalizer 4 is definitely the one for people who love action and investigation. In this show, there’s an interesting plot line that deals with the variety of challenges the team faces. There is a mix of intense situations and personal dilemmas. We really hope we get The Equalizer 4. Let’s wait and hope for the best! What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment box!

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