Everything You Need To Know About ‘New Amsterdam’ Season 6



The personal lives of the renowned doctors, in addition to the diagnoses they discover in ‘New Amsterdam,’ are remarkable. If you love watching medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med, New Amsterdam must be on your list too though.

New Amsterdam revolves around Dr. Max Godwin, who sets out on an objective after being appointed as the medical director of one of the United States’ oldest public hospitals. The goal is to change the undervalued system for treating patients.

The series has five seasons, leaving audiences wondering if there will be another. Because we want these medical dramas to keep going as they are so wonderful. Let us explore New Amsterdam’s future.

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‘New Amsterdam’ Season 6 Is Canceled

That’s the news we didn’t want to hear. New Amsterdam will not have another season. The series’ fifth season is the series finale, and there will be no more stories to explore. The news of the cancelation arrived on March 2022.

Lisa Katz, President, of Scripted Programming, NBCUniversal Television & Streaming confirmed the cancelation of the series.

“The story of Max Goodwin, and his never-ending commitment to patients at New Amsterdam, has been inspiring. We’re so grateful to David Schulner, Peter Horton, and our cast and crew for their incredible dedication, talent, and collaboration.”

Erin Underhill, President, of Universal Television also said, “When I first read the pilot script for New Amsterdam, I knew we had a winner. We cheered Max’s disruption of the status quo and applauded when he asked his patients the simple yet profound question, ‘How can I help?’

Over the last four seasons, David, Peter, and our incredible cast have tackled important and thought-provoking stories that have touched on the human condition, but also made us laugh and imbued hope.

We’re so proud of this series and are indebted to everyone involved in bringing New Amsterdam to life. Bravo!”

The Conclusion Of ‘New Amsterdam’ Is Bittersweet

David Schulner talked about the ending of the show. He said, “We all just were trying to find something big and crazy. And then Jai, our writer’s assistant, is the one who pitched a surgery that takes 50 people. Immediately we knew that was the one because it’s about our characters. It’s not about a crazy surgery.

It’s about all the characters that we’ve had on our show for five years, for 92 episodes. And this surgery was a way in which we could bring back all the characters who ever performed surgery on New Amsterdam for one unique surgery.

It was about the patient, but even more importantly, it was about our characters.”

There Should Have Been More Seasons Of ‘New Amsterdam’

Executive producer Peter Horton stated that having more seasons would have been ideal for the characters and audiences.

“I still think this thing could have, should have run for another couple of years. There are still so many stories to tell, and these characters are so interesting.

David came up with just a raft of amazing characters and I want to know more about all of them. We’re No. 3 on Netflix right now. I don’t think the audience is ready for it to end, either.”

“It’s a bit of a mystery as to why it was canceled, to tell you the truth,” he added.

We know it’s saddening to discover that our favorite show came to an end. But the remaining seasons are still amazing to watch.

You’re welcome to drop your opinions on the cancelation of this remarkable show in the comments section below. And keep checking with us for more updates.

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