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Are you wondering about the release of Lucy 2? There’s a lot of curiosity for a sequel movie. Lucy is a wonderful movie with a unique concept that impressed the audience. Produced by Luc Besson of hit projects such as Leon the Professional, Lucy was a deep dive into how one’s increased capacity for brain development can turn one into a superhero.

Lucy in itself was supported by the brilliant acting of Scarlet Johansson, which made it more engaging. The plot revolves around Lucy herself, a Taiwanese exchange student who accidentally got the power to use 100 percent of her brain. Quite an anomaly.

The rest is her journey to discover the universe’s mysteries and her quest for revenge. After such an interesting watch, many audiences are left to wonder if there ever will be a Lucy 2. So, let’s see if the movie’s sequel is in the works.

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Lucy 2 Release Date Speculation

After waiting for years, we still have minimal updates on the release of Lucy 2. Lucy 2 has been reported to be in development multiple times. The last time there was talk of a ‘Lucy’ sequel was in 2017 when Besson categorically refused Shmuger’s talks that it was in the works.

However, we can only hope for Lucy 2.  If not a sequel, then we can also expect a series to happen which presents the story in a new format. Recently, a spin-off show was announced to be in development by EuropaCorp and Village Roadshow. If Lucy 2 or a spin-off is already in development, we could expect it to be released by early 2025. Till then, we’ll just have to hope and rewatch Lucy again!

What To Expect From Lucy 2?

The plot of the movie Lucy was unique. In the movie, Lucy has been going through the hardships of having a brain working at 100%. She discovers all the mysteries of the world, exacts her revenge on the people that led her to become like this and disappears after achieving a serial experiment lain like Godhood, saying that she’s everywhere.

The ending although trying to be genius, comes out to be confused at best. Therefore, with a possible second movie, we can expect them to expand on how exactly this disappearance happened and her state now that she no longer has a physical form in the real world. Is she saving people across different universes now?

Does she control everything? All these are interesting questions that can be answered if only the producers could give this movie a sequel. Whatever happens, we’ll certainly wait for the return of our beloved Lucy.

Lucy 2 Cast & Characters 

Since Lucy herself is the main character of the movie, we can expect Scarlet Johansson to reprise her role as Lucy to play her in the sequel. We can also expect the return of Morgan Freeman as Doctor Samuel Norman.

According to reports, he’s returning to the screens in the spin-off show. The addition of a new villain would also be needed as the previous villain was killed off. Therefore, the cast of the new movie, if produced, will have new characters and will help us meet many new personalities.


Lucy 2 would have been an amazing addition. Apart from that, Lucy’s spin-off show is speculated to be engaging and adventurous. We look forward to the reappearance of Scarlet Johansson as Lucy and Freeman if a sequel is happening. Therefore, what are your thoughts on Lucy 2? Feel free to discuss it in the comment box!

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