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Planning to watch another gripping story of The Woman In The Wall season 2? The Woman In The Wall is a thrilling show starring Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack as the lead characters. The show focuses on the story of horror and unbelievable experiences of Lorna Brady. Lorna wakes up and finds a dead body in her house.

Since then, her life has taken an unexpected turn. Lorna has zero clue about the dead woman in her house. Things get gripping when Lorna is concerned about her own capability and the relation of a dead body because of her sleepwalking. An investigation takes place by detective Colman Akande who’s hiding his own past. Let’s explore if another season is happening. 

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The Woman In The Wall Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The Woman In The Wall season 2 is most likely not happening. The show is labelled as a ‘six-part’ mini-mystery drama. Wait, there’s a twist here. According to the creator of the show Joe Murtagh, there are strong arguments on both sides — if The Woman In The Wall should happen or not.

The creator revealed that season 1 is the end of Lorna’s story. Now that doesn’t mean it will be the end of a new story. It might be just the beginning of mysteries. The creators basically see ‘strong arguments on both sides’.

Joe revealed, “I don’t want to give a definitive answer on that, because I think you can make really good arguments for both sides. If you take the question of whether we should do a second season or not, I think there are really strong arguments on both sides. We cut to black at the moment we do, because it’s the end of Lorna’s story. I think it’s a really satisfying moment to do so. That said, as we’re trying to get out in the final episode, there’s a hell of a lot more to get into.”

He added further, “There’s a lot more to uncover. As I said before, the scale of this whole thing has just touched so many lives. Not just in Ireland, but when you consider all the adoptees and all the people who don’t even know there are adoptees, who were, essentially, trafficked across the states to the UK. There is a lot to dig into here. Whether we should or not is kind of a live question at the moment. The best definitive answer I can give you is maybe.”

This clearly indicates that the team would love to go all-in for The Woman In The Wall season 2. 

The Woman In The Wall Season 2 Cast Guide

Though we are still waiting for some developments to take place, The Woman In The Wall season 2 will be an engaging addition. If another season happens, we might see either a new story or a continuation of the old one. The show definitely ended on a conclusive and satisfying note.

It could take a turn as an anthology series though. Anything can happen! If we get a new season, we will most likely get to watch a whole new cast & characters. On the other hand, if the story continues ‘Lorna’s story has ended’ but other characters could still return. It’s most likely Detective Colman Akande. We could see him exploring more cases like this. 


Lastly, if the creators decide to go with The Woman In The Wall season 2 it would be exciting. The show might take more twisted turns. This mystery drama has already received amazing feedback from the audience and the hopes for another season are high.

Now all we can do is wait and do the numbers it’s magic. What do you think about The Woman In The Wall? Do you think another season should happen? You’re free to share all your creative thoughts in the comment box below. Want to stay updated? We will keep you posted. 


1. How many episodes are there in The Woman In The Wall?

In The Woman In The Wall, there are a total of six episodes. 

2. Is The Woman In The Wall True Story?

The Woman In The Wall is set in a fictional world but it’s inspired by real-life events and experiences. 

3. Where To Watch The Woman In The Wall Season 2?

At the moment, The Woman In The Wall season 2 is not available to watch and is still awaiting renewal.

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