Everything We Know About Only Murders In The Building Season 4



Only Murders In The Building season 4 is highly anticipated by the audience. The show has been such a success among audience. Only Murders In The Building includes a star-studded cast and the storylines made us laugh. The show develops theories and tugs at our heartstrings has made it one of the best.

Only Murders In The Building follows the life of three residents of the building with the name Arconia, and the murders that happen there. The show is both a murder mystery and a heartfelt comedy. The star guests are a unique part of the show that makes it an engaging ride.

Therefore, a lot of us are waiting for the announcement of Only Murders In The Building season 4 for another exciting watch. Let’s explore if another season is happening. 

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Only Murders In The Building Season 4 Release Date Speculation

They will be back! Only Murders In The Building season 4 is officially happening. The show is speculated to have already started being written in October 2023. The official announcement of the renewal came in and we can expect the filming to start in about April, taking a look at the earlier timeline.

Therefore, with the shooting wrapping up, we can definitely expect the show to come back for season 4 in late 2024. The show’s announcement was done through an Instagram post, stating, “‘Only Murders in the Building’ is coming back for Season 4! Let the investigating begin.” All we can say is we can’t wait to meet the truly dear trio again in Only Murders In The Building season 4. 

What To Expect In Only Murders In The Building Season 4? 

Only Murders In The Building has quite the standard storyline, although it is combined with personal improvements in the character’s life. There is usually a murder, and our three leads, Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, who are obsessed with true crime sole it, often with dramatic and hilarious conclusions.

Although the plot for this season has not yet been revealed, we can expect the characters to once again solve a murder, and with new celebrities as guest characters, it would sure be an entertaining journey. There is also new romance for the characters on site.

We can expect that this would also play a massive role in season 4, as we only got a glimpse of that journey. As John Hoffman, the creator, said, “This is one of those shows [where] everyone involved in it is so happy doing it – and I know I speak for the trio and everyone else.” Therefore, the show itself will return with a fun new season!

Only Murders In The Building Season 4 Cast & Characters

The show would be incomplete without the favorite trio. We can definitely expect to see the main characters make a return.

  • Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage
  • Martin Short as Oliver Putnam
  •  Selena Gomez Mabel Mora

In supporting characters, we can expect to see the return of as Oliver’s son Will played by Ryan Broussard, biting old Uma by Jackie Hoffman, and Howard played wonderfully by Michael Cyril Creighton. We cannot forget that there will be many guest appearances, and the cast is sure to bring us the best performances to watch and enjoy.


Only Murders In The Building season 4 is going to be an engaging ride. The renewal comes as a great joy to all the audience of the show. The show is expected to return later this year and we cannot wait for the characters to once again be involved in unique mystery and adventure, all combined with emotional buildup. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments box.

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