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Ms. Marvel has become one of the newest superheroes on the Marvel team. She already has a cult following thanks to the series that streamed. If you are wondering whether Ms. Marvel season 2 is happening, then here’s some news. Ms. Marvel is an engaging show about a normal teenage girl Kamal.

She gains superpowers like the characters she idolizes, a superhero fan with a vivid imagination—especially when it comes to Captain Marvel—feels like she doesn’t fit in at school or sometimes even at home.

Kamala has been applauded as a character to finally get a superhero representation for the true desi audience, be it in the form of a still-learning superhero. Let’s see if the beloved show is getting another season.

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Ms. Marvel Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Ms. Marvel season 2 is not on the cards. The show has been marketed as a limited series. Limited series or miniseries mostly don’t get another season. However, with the advent popularity of the show, the audiences are still keeping their hopes high.

Pretty Little Liars was billed as a limited series but then turned into a proper show with multiple seasons due to its popularity. If the show is chosen for a second season, it will be a thrilling ride.

What To Expect From Ms. Marvel Season 2?

The season-ending of Ms. Marvel was one of the best ones. Even with the appearance of Carol Danvers’ face, the conclusion of Ms. Marvel and the credits scene received great applause from the audience.

In an interview, Vellani detailed how Brie Larson assisted in guiding the budding actress through her first feature film role. “She has been really helpful. And it’s really incredible to have someone like Brie Larson kind of hold your hand through it all and assure you that she’s experiencing the same emotions as you.”

The producer of the show has high hopes for the second season and the character of Kamala herself, commenting, “It is laid out as a limited series for her to go off and do other things. Like, it certainly establishes, she will be going into The Marvels next, so that’s kind of there. But I will say I really hope that she is a part … you know, I hope we get a season two is all I’m gonna say. I hope we’re a part of that.” And we certainly hope for that too!

Ms. Marvel Season 2 Cast & Characters 

Apart from the role of Kamala played by the talented Iman Vellani herself, the cast of the show includes some of the major characters in the show. If another season is happening, we can expect to see the following characters.

  • Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia Bahadir
  • Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli
  • Zenobia Shroff as Muneeba Khan
  • Mohan Kapur as Yusuf Khan
  • Saagar Shaikh as Aamir Khan 
  • Rish Shah as Kamran
  • Samina Ahmad as Kamala’s grandma, Sana


Ms. Marvel’s season 2 is still highly anticipated by the audience. The show has made a significant impact on the screen. From the storyline to the characters, it’s quite an engaging watch. If we get another season, it will be worth watching! What are your thoughts on Ms. Marvel’s season 2? Feel free to share your opinions about a possible second season in the comment. If we hear something, we will keep you posted.

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