Everything We Know About ‘Bocchi The Rock!’ Season 2



Bocchi The Rock! is a hit 2022 anime, based on the manga of the same name, that won the hearts of anime fans worldwide. If you, like us are waiting for Bocchi The Rock! season 2, rest assured. We are here to discuss the possibility of another season. 

Bocchi The Rock! anime revolves around the narrative of a lonely and socially anxious Hitori ‘Bocchi’ Gotou’ Bocchi is yearning to make new friends. In addition to performing live with a band. She devotes her time to playing the guitar.

Looks like Bocchi’s dreams are coming true when she meets an outgoing drummer Nijika Ijichi. Nijila invites Bocchi to join the Kessoku Band when their guitarist flees away before their very first show. This incident is a life-changing moment for Bocchi.

She meets the rest of the bandmates and is already on the journey of self-love. Bocchi realizes her true potential and more. The whole anime is quite wholesome. Now let’s explore Bocchi The Rock! Season 2 is on the cards!

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Bocchi The Rock! Season 2 Release Date Speculation 

Bocchi The Rock! has been considered one of Fall 2022’s top anime. The show has earned the Anime of the Year and won other categories in Anime Trending 2022 awards. Despite that, Bocchi The Rock! Season 2 is still pending a renewal confirmation. This doesn’t mean we won’t get another season.

The anime has more than enough source material to continue for more seasons. The manga has over 50+ chapters, out of which only 20 have been covered by the anime in the first season. If Cloverworks studio decides to greenlight the second season, we can expect it to be out by late 2024 or the start of 2025.

What To Expect From Bocchi The Rock! Season 2?

Though we’re still waiting for an official confirmation, we can at least speculate. The last episode of Bocchi The Rock! ended in chapter 21 of the manga. Hitori getting a new guitar, thanks to her online streams, which have earned her more than 300,000 yen.

In addition, it pays off her quotas so she doesn’t have to work for a long time. However, the challenges are not yet all solved, and we’ll see this in the if there’s Bocchi The Rock! season 2. The new season will deal with her coming out as her online persona and as a socially anxious person.

It would be interesting to see her deal with this. There will also be the entry of new bands, one of which we’ve seen a brief glimpse of in the anime itself, Sideros. There will also be a new rock band festival to take part in, and new friends and enemies to make. If there’s a new season, it will be an adventurous journey for Bocchi.

Bocchi The Rock! Season 2 Cast & Characters 

Bocchi The Rock! has been voiced by some major names in the Japanese voice-acting industry. If Bocchi The Rock! season 2 is renewed we will see the return of all the main characters. 

  • Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori Gotō
  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Ikuyo Kita
  • Saku Mizuno as Ryо̄ Yamada
  • Sayumi Suzushiro as Nijika Ijichi


Although Bocchi The Rock! season 2 has not been confirmed, all signs point to a positive outcome. If the second season premieres, it will be available to binge-watch on Netflix and Crunchyroll, just like the previous season.

What are your speculations on the possibility of Bocchi The Rock! season 2? You’re welcome to drop your opinion in the comment box below. We will keep you posted if there are more latest updates!

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