Everything To Know About ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ Season 2



All The Light We Cannot See season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. The show has been a wonderful limited series from Netflix. The series wrapped up in 4 episodes, and the fans want to know if there might be a second season.

All The Light We Cannot See is inspired by the book of the same name written in 2014 by Anthony Doerr. The story revolves around two teenagers during World War II: Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a blind French girl, and Werner Pfennig, a German boy forced to fight for the Nazis. Now let’s see if All The Light We Cannot See season 2 is in the works. 

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All The Light We Cannot See Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Since the show All The Light We Cannot See is inspired by a book and was made as a limited series, it is unlikely that it would be renewed. Therefore, All The Light We Cannot See season 2 is most likely not happening.

The plot points were all tied up neatly, and the director and the author were both happy with how it was made. It doesn’t seem like a new season is in the works, although it would be quite exciting to see our lead grow up after the incidents that happened. Limited series mostly don’t get another season. 

What To Expect From All The Light We Cannot See Season 2?

Though All The Light We Cannot See season 2 is not happening, we can still speculate. The story of Marie-Laure, a blind French girl, and her father Daniel LeBlanc, who, in order to keep a legendary diamond out of Nazi hands, flee Paris as German troops prepare to leave the city.

The vicious Gestapo agent Reinhold von Rumpel then begins pursuing them obstinately in an attempt to seize the valuable stone. The father-daughter pair soon flee to Saint-Malo, France, where they live with Uncle Etienne, a man who secretly transmits anti-revolutionary ideas. Marie-Laure unexpectedly crosses paths with Werner in this coastal city.

Werner is a bright young man forced to track down illegal transmissions by Adolf Hitler’s administration. Werner and Marie-Laure, in spite of their disagreements, have a secret connection and faith in the goodwill of others. The series ended on a hopeful note, however, the plot endings of both the show and the book are completely different.

Reinhold von Rumpel is killed by Marie-Laure in the television adaptation, whereas Werner kills him in the novel in order to keep Marie-Laure safe. After that, the show finishes with Marie-Laure and Werner parting ways and Marie-Laure returning the valuable diamond to the sea by tossing the Sea of Flames into the water.

The novel truly closes in the present, however, and describes Werner’s illness and death in a minefield not long after he broke up with Marie-Laure. The book then depicts the events of Werner’s sister Jutta’s meeting with Marie-Laure thirty years later. It also includes a brief scene from 2014, in which Marie-Laure, then eighty-six, is still living in Paris.

The director believed that this was too dark of an ending for the show, saying “Though it is far from a happy ending, I wanted to end with a promise of hope, and there were some bleak, deeply upsetting scenes late in the book that we didn’t include in the show”. However, this still leaves space for an alternate ending which could be done if possible.

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2 Cast & Characters 

Seeing the major cast and characters, there could definitely be Aria Mia Loberti as Marie-Laure and Louis Hofmann as Werner, along with Lars Eidinger, Hugh Laurie, Mark Ruffalo, and Marion Bailey in supporting roles. There would also be more characters added if a new season takes place.


While All The Light We Cannot See season 2 has not been renewed, we all were still hoping. The 4 episodes were packed with a punch of emotions and bittersweet moments that make it a definite must-watch for anyone. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about the renewal in the comment box. We will keep you posted if there are any latest developments.

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