Etoile Professional Store presents the dance manual “From the hall to the stage”



Presentation of the book De la salle à la scène – Photo by the Press Service

From a specialized shop for dance and dance to a cultural space, a real workshop of ideas. It is in this spirit that Etoile Professional Store hosted the presentation of the book “From the room to the stage” by Maria Virginia Marchesano, on Saturday October 8th. The meeting is at 5 p.m. via Buccino 12, Scafati (Salerno). Author and store owner Assunta Vitiello will welcome guests.

From the hall to the stage, “a love manual for dance”

“From the Hall to the Stage”, published by Kinetès Edizioni, is a manual for dance and is part of a series that aims to host scientifically accurate books on the history, criticism and methodology of dance. The book is aimed at students of choreographic high schools. “A manual of love for dance”, we read in the presentation of the text, which “plunges the reader into a real dance of words”.

But at the same time, it is also an essential “vade mecum” for understanding the miraculous journey from the study room to the stage that captivates both those who approach dance as neophytes and those who devote their lives to art. dance.

Who is Maria Virginia Marchesano

Author Maria Virginia Marchesano is a professor of classical dance technique at the Ernesto Pascal State Choreographic High School in Pompeii and a member of the Italian Association for Dance Research (Airdanza). Throughout her career as a dancer, she rubbed shoulders with choreographers such as Luc Bouy and Susanne Linke.

Etoile: not only articles for the dance, but also a workshop of ideas

Etoile Professional Store is a commercial reality in the world of dance born in 2007 from the strong passion for the art of dance of its creator, Assunta Vitiello. After having devoted her life to dance both as a dancer and as a teacher, she decided to put herself at the service of young dancers from another point of view, that of business.

Over the years, Etoile Professional Store has also become a cultural reference because in addition to selling dance items, it has always promoted events. “The art of dance is not only a discipline of life – explains Assunta Vitiello – but above all a body language through which to express one’s feelings”.

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