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Essay Review: What Sets It Apart from Other Writing Services?



Numerous students are opting for writing assistance these days, and it’s easy to see why. These services have the potential to elevate your academic efficiency and lessen your educational burdens. The crucial task is to select the one that best matches your needs.

While various writing services specialize in different areas, cater to distinct academic levels, and offer diverse prices, one service seems to encapsulate all these favorable traits, including reasonable pricing. endeavors to be a one-stop academic writing solution, accommodating a broad spectrum of customers and their varying requirements.

I’m Nicole Hardy, a seasoned essayist and authority on academic matters. In this article, I will briefly outline the attributes, cost parameters, and steps to order from Is this essay writing service worth considering? Let’s collaboratively scrutinize its merits in this review.

What Is is a web-based platform dedicated to providing tailor-made and unique written work. Besides standard writing aid, it also extends services in rewriting, editing, and even tasks that involve problem-solving and calculations. This multi-faceted range of services turns the website into a comprehensive hub for academic requirements.

Is the Right Choice for You?

You may be wondering, “Will meet my specific needs?” Here’s some information to help you decide:

  • Educational Levels. This platform offers services for an extensive range of academic levels, encompassing school, college, university, master’s, and doctoral studies. Whatever your educational goals or status, the service is likely to be a fit.
  • Areas of Expertise. provides assistance across a wide swath of academic disciplines. Whether you’re into humanities, STEM subjects, or even more artistic fields such as visual arts and creative writing, this platform has something for you. They even offer help in programming languages.
  • Range of Assignments. Based on my assessment of numerous writing services, undoubtedly has one of the most diverse sets of assignment options. Be it essays of multiple varieties, reviews, project work, case studies, or dissertations, you’ll find it here.

So, if you’re a student, irrespective of your field, educational level, or geographical location, it’s highly likely that has an academic writing solution that suits you. The platform can also be a helpful resource for parents aiming to aid their children with homework.

Unique Qualities

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a standout in the academic writing landscape:

  • Skilled Writers. prides itself on having a roster of writers with at least 3 years of specialized experience. The company has an exhaustive screening process involving various phases of skill assessments and proficiency tests.
  • Fast Turnaround Options. has a minimum deadline offering of just 3 hours, making it a valuable resource for quick writing help and last-second academic requirements.
  • Budget-Conscious Rates. With the student demographic in mind, has positioned its rates to be budget-friendly, with a starting price of $11.4 per page.
  • Authentic Content Guarantee. The company pledges to deliver completely original work, even supplementing it with a complimentary originality report. Continue with this review to see if this guarantee holds true.
  • Full-Time Customer Support. This added feature is of special interest, as few educational service providers offer constant customer support. With, you can have your questions answered no matter when you ask.
  • Learning Blog. To further assist students in mastering their writing craft, maintains a comprehensive blog featuring tutorials and articles full of academic wisdom.

Cost Details

Now, let’s examine the pricing model. According to my review, the service is generally affordable, boasting an average cost of $11.4 per page. However, these rates can vary depending on the complexity of your needs. For context:

  • Tasks of a simpler, school-level nature will typically cost around $10.8 per page;
  • Drafting a college application essay has a price tag of $14.25;
  • Research papers have a rate of approximately $12.35 per page.

Their website has a user-friendly pricing calculator, which adds a welcomed layer of price transparency.

For budget-sensitive students, here’s something to cheer you up. presents several cost-reduction options. Unlike some rivals, they do not tack on extra fees for selecting top-rated writers or opting for superior customer service. Plus, they offer complimentary revisions and a no-cost plagiarism verification report, among other benefits.

While a project requiring multiple pages may initially seem costly, counters this by offering volume-based discounts. An order for a 3-page essay earns you a 10% discount, and if your assignment is 20 pages or longer, you can benefit from up to a 40% price cut. This demonstrates that their pricing is crafted with student affordability in mind.

A Detailed Guide to Using

The platform’s layout is straightforward and accommodating, simplifying the task of placing orders and finding resources. To round out my review, I placed a 4-page essay order on the subject “Climate Change and Global Security: An In-depth Study.”

The order placement form is easy to navigate and ensures you don’t skip any essential details.

Upon completing the order form, the next task was to pick a writer. After my order was live, multiple bids from seasoned experts were received almost instantaneously.

After I selected my preferred writer, a prepayment was made for my assignment, totaling $38.76, thanks to a 15% discount. This amount remained secure in my account throughout the completion process.

My essay was turned in right on schedule. Final payment was withheld until I had an opportunity to scrutinize the quality and originality of the work. The option to request tweaks before finalizing the payment adds an extra layer of security when using

Criteria for Rating I Used in My Reviews

My review is shaped by several key indicators:

Quality Assessment

The delivered essay featured an engaging introduction that effectively set the stage and included a persuasive thesis statement.

The argument was coherently structured, linking climate matters to global security effectively. In addition, the writer successfully included four scholarly sources. The essay was supported by both statistical data and real-world case studies.

The writing was compelling and systematically organized, allowing for a seamless read from the introduction through the body to a well-rounded conclusion.

While there were minor editorial issues, such as a few missing commas and incorrect line spacing on the title page, these were swiftly addressed. An edited paper was returned to me within 15 minutes of my request for revisions.

Beyond the complimentary plagiarism report from, I used other tools to reconfirm the essay’s authenticity. My examination showed zero instances of plagiarism.

Platform Usability

The process of submitting an order on is straightforward and consumes minimal time. Your personalized dashboard is designed for ease of use, consolidating all orders for simplified tracking. Furthermore, a wealth of user tips is available to enrich your overall experience on the platform.

Continuous Customer Assistance

The customer support team is reachable 24/7, allowing for maximum convenience. You can either delve into an exhaustive FAQ repository or consult directly with a human support agent for clarifications about your orders or any other aspect of the platform.

Versatility in Services

The broad spectrum of assignments and disciplines covered by warrants a top score. With writers capable of tackling almost any academic challenge, the platform serves as a comprehensive academic aid.

Affordability and Quality

Averaging $11.4 per page, aptly maintains a balance between being budget-friendly for students and delivering top-notch work that spans up to master’s and doctoral academic levels.

Final Assessment: The Value Proposition of stands out as an elite academic service brimming with advantages tailored for the student demographic. As a reliable vehicle for managing your academic endeavors, it offers considerable bang for your buck. If you’re set on enhancing your writing prowess and securing better academic achievements, the platform’s breadth of features and customization capabilities are noteworthy.

About the Author:

Committed to the concept of ongoing education, Nicole Hardy empowers students to fully exploit their scholastic opportunities. As a skilled writer, she delves into narrative techniques and the craft of compelling prose.

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