Enough: Alec Baldwin sues his crew



While filming Rust, the actor received a shot that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. And how is the actor today?

The story and the controversy linked to the fatal accident which directly involved actor Alec Baldwin is not over. While filming Rust in New Mexico, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, killed by a shot fired by Alec Baldwin with the gun she was using while filming a scene. Today we return to talk about the case: Baldwin himself opening a new chapter.

Alec Baldwin denounces the troupe – Solocine.it

The artist took the situation into his own hands, deciding to “rehabilitate his name”, denouncing some colleagues of the troupe for negligence. In fact, it remains to be seen who tampered with the weapon, which was to be kept in a safe, and who left the ammunition unattended on a troop cart at anyone’s mercy.

Complaint to the crew

Lawyers for Alec Baldwin have filed a subpoena in Los Angeles Supreme Court pleading negligence against set weapons officer Hannah Guttierez-Reed along with Sarah Zachry and first deputy director and security coordinator David Halls who gave the gun to Baldwin. Additionally, ammunition supplier Seth Kenney was also sued along with his company, PDQ Arm & Prop, which also supplied the props for production. In the first phase, immediately after the accident, they had denied responsibility but, according to Baldwin’s lawyers, they had handled the weapon inappropriately shortly before shooting the offending scene.

The settlement between Baldwin and the victim’s family

Just a month ago, the victim’s family announced to the world that they had pledged to compensate in the lawsuit they had filed against the actor, certain members of the crew and the producers of the film, all charged with manslaughter. The actor’s attorney said: “This tragedy happened because real bullets were delivered to the set and loaded into the gun. Gutierrez-Reed was not controlling the shots or the gun properly. Halls did not carefully check the weapon and instead announced it was safe before returning it to Baldwin’s hands Zachry did not communicate that Gutierrez-Reed had behaved recklessly off set. “

Alec Baldwin on the day of the incident on set in New Mexico

It’s been a tough year for the actor: Alec Baldwin told CNN he had serious repercussions: he lost job opportunities, especially after statements by Donald Trump, who found him guilty . The actor will receive part of the rights attached to the film, and filming is expected to resume between December 2022 and January 2023.

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