Emma Marrone’s film: Fake, Leo ascendant, details



False, Ascendant Lion: this is the title of the docufilm centered on Emma Marrone and branded Amazon Prime Video. Singer and, in recent years, also actress, the artist from Salento is among the most followed names in Italy: and now she arrives on the video streaming platform with a highly anticipated new project.

Like it or not, it is objective that Emma Marrone is one of the most successful personalities of the last decade. In more than thirteen years since winning the ninth edition of the Amici di Maria De Filippi, the artist, alias Emmanuela Marrone, has come a long way. Six unreleased albums, countless platinum records, three participations in the Sanremo Festival, including a victory in 2012 with Non è l’ferno and several films to her credit, make her – perhaps – the most successful personality of the talent of Canale. 5. And, above all, one of the most popular figures in Italian pop music today.

Italian singer and actress Emma Marrone poses during a photocall for ‘Gli anni più belli’ in Rome, Italy, January 30, 2020. The film opens in Italian cinemas on February 13. ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI

Alongside music, for some years now Emma Marrone has also embarked on an acting career and recently announced her new project: Sbagliata, ascendant Leone. Directed by the duo BENDO – composed of Lorenzo Silvestri and Andrea Santaterra – it is a docufilm through which the artist will speak about himself.

Emma Marrone presents Sbagliata, ascending Leo: her first docufilm Prime Video

In recent years, Emma Marrone has also devoted herself to the world of theatre. In particular, he seems to have established an artistic partnership with Gabriele Muccino, who directed her on the big screen in The Most Beautiful Years and in the series Ciel A casa tutti bene. In addition, the Salento artist recently returned to the Rome Film Festival with the new film to be released, entitled The return, precisely.

Meanwhile, another work has gradually emerged, namely Wrong, Leo ascending. In the wake of Ferro and Laura Pausini: Glad to meet you, Prime Video has also chosen to dig deep into the life of Emma Marrone, offering an unpublished and complete portrait of the famous singer and actress from Salento.

Italian singer Emma Marrone arrives for the premiere of ‘Miss Marx’ during the 77th Venice International Film Festival, in Venice, Italy, 05 September 2020. The film is presented in the official competition ‘Venezia 77’ at the festival which takes place runs from September 02 to September 12. ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI

“I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.” This was expressed by Emma Marrone, who recently announced the release of the project, scheduled for November 29, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The docu-film was born from an idea of ​​the singer herself and is produced by Lotus Production, a company of Leone Film Group, and uses the writing of Federico Giunta and the duo BENDO.

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