Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino, behind the scenes of the breakup: “The situation was tragic and…”



Singer Emma Marrone and dancer Stefano De Martino have been gone for quite some time. Recently, however, an unexpected story surfaced.

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino have been gone for ten years now. It had been a very long time since they had both been students of the Amici school: it was in 2010, the ninth edition of the show and the winner was the singer. From that moment, not only the career of both took off, but also for the love life there was good news.

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino – Solocine.it

Thanks to Maria De Filippi’s program, in fact, they also found love. The two stayed together for a few years, until in 2012 he met Belen Rodriguez, who had recently started collaborating with the singing and dancing school Canale 5. Hence the scandal: first the betrayal against the singer from Puglia, then the official start of the relationship. with the Argentinian model.

The couple married in 2013 and have a son, Santiago. They had their ups and downs which also caused them to break up for a while. During this period, she found love in the arms of Antonino Spinalbese, who currently participates in Big Brother Vip. The two also have a daughter, Luna Marì.

After the separation from the Milanese hairdresser, Belen and Stefano got back together. But did you know this background on Emma Marrone’s breakup? Maria De Filippi would also have something to do with it.

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino, how the betrayal was discovered

Many years have passed, but at that time the situation was tragic. This was also confirmed by Maria De Filippi, who explained how things really happened. It was she, in fact, who discovered everything first and then told Emma Marrone the whole truth.

Maria De Filippi – Solocine.it

“None of us understood. I called Stefano into the dressing room and asked him: ‘What are you doing?’ And he confessed. De Martino and Belen had fallen in love with Amici, but he wouldn’t tell Emma, ​​who he was engaged to. They had a fight, he accused her of things she hadn’t done. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. come out, because all three of them were on the program. And so I told Emma, ​​I was very honest and clear with her, “said the TV presenter in an interview for Gente. Here’s how things are going Admittedly, there is now water under the bridge, but it remains one of the most famous scandals of the Mediaset networks.

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