Emanuele Filiberto president of Savoia Calcio



In recent weeks, Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia has been busy perfecting his new philanthropic and entrepreneurial project. The heir to the House of Savoy has indeed put together a highly qualified team to improve conditions at Savoia Calcio.

On November 15, therefore, the prince published important news on all social platforms, disseminated through an official press release. Announcing the implications of this new football project, indeed, His Royal Highness communicated his important decision “to directly assume the presidency of Savoia Calcio”.

To manage

The choice, which is also intended to be a “gesture of responsibility, of commitment”, is dictated for Emanuele Filiberto by “a movement of the heart”. It comes after a rousing reception he received from the fans during his official visit to Torre Annunziata. For the first time, therefore, the prince also assumes the presidency of a football association, linked by name to the history of the Italian royal family. At the base, however, also the desire for social redemption for a team that in recent times has been at the center of roving and underworld investigations.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto has become president of Savoia Calcio

In his very long press release, Prince Emanuele Filiberto wanted to recall the former glories of Torre Annunziata, the “many illustrious personalities from the world of art, entertainment, culture and sport”. His goal is therefore to regain the former splendor, although he is aware of having inherited “a disastrous situation” from the old management. Giving a moral slap to all those who “have the sad habit of always going against it”, the Prince of Savoy has decided to take concrete action to improve the fate of the team.

To manage

In the realization of the Savoia Calcio project, however, the prince is supported by experts in the sector. First of all Dr. Nazario Matachione, who will assume the position of honorary president of the football club. The heir to the House of Savoy has already developed a strategy which will be developed in several stages. His plan will have to deal with even the “most basic things”. Indeed, the difficulties to be faced are not lacking to bring Savoy back among the winning teams.

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Among the very first points to be addressed, however, Emanuele Filiberto pledges to become “promoter in the responsible bodies of the Prefecture of a vibrant protest for an unjust, inexplicable and unreasonable exclusion of our supporters from certain away matches”. . In addition, there will also be a commitment to strengthening the team in any way possible.

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