Email signed by Netflix is ​​a scam – do not open it for any reason



Problem in sight for Netflix users and subscribers. You can be reached by communication that only brings big trouble

Netflix as usual is a streaming giant followed by millions of users around the world. His device has revolutionized the way we see and experience television, given on-demand shows and subscription types.

The Netflix Logo (Pixabay)

Despite declining figures and loss-making accounts in 2022, Netflix remains the king of streaming, both for content and for the now recognized fame of the channel made in the USA.

But users and subscribers should be careful. In fact, there is a communication circulating through email that can literally bankrupt you and create a thousand problems. This is a kind of online scam to report and avoid.

The web scam that uses Netflix and Disney Plus profiles

These days you may receive a very strange and peculiar email. Especially if you have a subscription with Netflix or with competitor Disney Plus.

This is a now common phishing attempt. For the uninitiated: we are talking about the most disparate online scams, which have a very technical system but unfortunately also very simple to activate.

That is to say, the user to be scammed is hooked on messages and communications with real stigmas, as in the case of Netflix with a lot of logo and formalities in the message. The user is required to click on a link in the email to avoid major “issues”. In this case the bait is the renewal of the subscription to the platform as soon as possible so as not to be left without content. The fake Netflix email (web source)

This link is to be avoided absolutely! Otherwise, the risk is to give personal and sensitive data to hackers. That is to say, passwords and content that would easily lead them to restricted areas, even if it means seeing their current accounts on the internet emptied.

When you receive such an email, you should immediately verify the sender, which if it returns to a strange, peculiar or foreign address may be a symptom of a scam. Moreover, channels such as Netflix or Disney can hardly go and ask for payment for the expiring subscription through such messages.

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