‘Elves’: Christmas Horror Series DIVIDE Netflix Subscribers; Check out the reactions!



The Christmas series ‘Elves’ hit Netflix’s catalog yesterday, a mix of fantasy and horror that brings a very different narrative when it comes to productions in these genres.

In the plot, the Christmas holidays turn into a nightmare when a teenage girl and her family discover an ancient danger lurking on the isolated island where they live and which will change their beliefs around the supernatural.

However, the attraction divides the platform’s subscribers.

If some praise the originality of the Danish production and the references to Christmas elements, others complain about the scenario which ends up giving way to the ‘happy ending’ even if that does not make sense.

Either way, the biggest consensus among audiences is the sense of anger everyone feels for the irritating character played by Sonja Sofie Engberg Steen.

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cool little elves series netflix

– ً (@luisIfts) November 29, 2021

Netflix’s proposed Elves series is cool, but it doesn’t have a happy ending. Terrible

– Gabriela Luz (@gabrisaluz) November 29, 2021

It’s been a while since Netflix launched these short series with good content, before The Elves, what saved was the end of Fucking World, now I’m in love with the Elves and Kee-ko @NetflixBrasil for the new season from yesterday already ❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️

– (@vish_mariss) November 29, 2021

Netflix Elves is also boring. The only sane person dies. And the protagonist girl is unbearable and ignorant.

– Gabriela Luz (@gabrisaluz) November 29, 2021

Maratonei #ElfosNetflix, uma series dinamarquesa e essa menina entrou pro hall das pessoas que mais odeio no mundo junto com Arturito de La Casa de Papel e Bolsonaro pic.twitter.com/ikcSOYzvA1

– Rafael Mussolini (@rafamussolini) November 28, 2021

#elfes #elfes #Netflix hate this girl pic.twitter.com/zuPZPtVkHz

– Nanami (@BiscoitoDcheijo) November 29, 2021

Is this classification of elves fair, will it be Netflix? I don’t remember seeing a 12-year-old decapitated head.

– iti (@vaitalovai) November 29, 2021

Here I started this little series “Elves” from netflix thinking it was something childish, but it has already started TRI BIZARRO KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

– the fuck (@virginsadx) November 29, 2021

I watched elves on netflix i have never had so much rancidity from a character that i haven’t even had from josefine

– Visky (@viskyglamazon) November 28, 2021

Elves are perfect, watch it on Netflix

– (@vish_mariss) November 29, 2021

When you think about setting limits or lacking them… Remember Netflix’s #Elves series.
I just watched it and it was a waste of time in my life …

– SAULO (@saulosales) November 28, 2021

The Elves series (netflix) could not take place in Brazil because during the first tantrum, a Brazilian mother had already given this unbearable girl about 3 sheets. end of series

– Eduardo Schamne (@Eduschamne) November 28, 2021

I watched the elves on Netflix with Amanda and it was to get through the hate and agony with the stupid girl chasing the animal kkkkkkk

– alan MORINIZED (@alaanowns) November 29, 2021

watch elves on netflix and get mad at that stubborn girl pic.twitter.com/3mCAkPQ7Ut

– (@baddestIGGY) November 28, 2021

I watch ELFS on Netflix and the recap is this: The protagonist is a boring, uneducated teenager who deserved to be played for the Elves.

– Alcides Mariano Jr (@alcidesmarianoj) November 28, 2021

Remember the trailer:

The Christmas holidays turn into a nightmare when a teenage girl and her family discover an ancient danger lurking on the isolated island they are on.

Created by Stefan Jaworski, the production stars Sonja Sofie Engberg Steen, Milo Campanale and Vivelill Søgaard Holm in the cast.

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