Elodie, after years does not hold her tongue on Maria De Filippi: “It’s a…”



Singer Elodie gave her opinion on TV presenter Maria De Filippi: that’s what she really thinks of her.

Today, Elodie is undoubtedly one of the most famous Italian singers. Her career started very early, when she was very young and worked as a cubist in nightclubs to finance her dream. After several attempts and a path strewn with pitfalls, the celebrity arrived in 2015, after having participated in Amici. Several years after his talent edition ended, he wanted to talk about presenter Maria De Filippi and explain what he really thinks of her.

Elodie and Maria De Filippi – Solocine.it

For the artist, the road to success was not easy and immediate and instead he had to overcome several obstacles to get to where he is now. Refusals abound: when he was only eighteen, he tried to participate in X Factor, but did not obtain good results despite an excellent first audition. Almost ten years later, he decided to try again with another talent and this time he succeeded: thanks to Amici, in fact, his career in the music world officially took off.

The singer entered the most famous singing and dancing school of Canale 5 in 2015, at the age of twenty-five. At the time she had a totally different look from today, indeed she wore very short and pink hair. The edition was won by singer Sergio Sylvestre, but it won the critics’ award and finished in second place.

Elodie, the opinion of Maria De Filippi

For Elodie, therefore, participating and reaching the final at the Amici was a decisive step in her recording career. But what is your relationship with the presenter of the talent show, Maria De Filippi? Not so long ago, the artist was invited to Da noi… a free wheel, where she talked about herself and their complicity.

To presenter Francesca Fialdini, the singer-songwriter revealed everything she thinks of Maurizio Costanzo’s wife. “She is a great observer, she gives you the freedom to behave and express yourself as you wish. She is a mother… She watches you, but you are free to take your steps. She was more than ‘a mother, just by my parameters’.

Elodie – Solocine.it

The ex-girlfriend of the rapper Marracash has indeed explained that he had a high regard for the blonde presenter and that he still had a very strong and united bond with her, made of mutual esteem, despite seven years having passed since. that she was a student at the Mediaset school.

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