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Elizabeth Olsen reveals she will NEVER return to social media after being ‘canceled’



The culture of cancellation continues to affect many prominent figures in the entertainment industry and the most recent target of some Twitter users was actress Elizabeth Olsen, accused of racism, for a speech in an interview. .

According to netizens, the protagonist of “WandaVision” went so far as to describe her MCU character, Wanda Maximoff, as being a “gypsy”, a term considered offensive by the nomadic peoples of Roma, Caió and Sinti.

Additionally, the actress has come under heavy criticism for not posting a tribute to Chadwick Boseman on the actor’s death.

As a result, the actress decided to quit social media in February of the same year.

Now, the actress has revealed to EpicStream that she has no plans to reopen her profiles after the incident.

“It all made me uncomfortable and it’s not even like I was paying attention to comments or anything, I just felt weird how it organized my brain, like something was going on in the world, I would say, ‘Oh, I have to post about this? “. I think it’s very dangerous to think, ‘Oh, something has happened in the world. I’m an empowered person whose voice needs to be heard on this issue, ”and I just think it’s a narcissistic point of view that we’re all a part of, like, he’s made us live in this weird narcissistic cycle. During the pandemic, I thought, “Oh, well. you know what, it’s not for me ”, and i just got rid of it and i won’t go back. I will never go back to social media. “

She had previously used the term in a 2015 interview with talk show host Graham Norton, who at the time had advised her on the offensive nature of the word. But apparently the actress made another mistake, with Twitter users quickly attacking her, as you can see in the reactions below.

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“Insults. In 2015 Elizabeth Olsen used slurs to talk about Wanda. So why did she use slurs recently during an interview with WandaVision? Because she’s a disgusting racist.”

cw: bonds
2015 Elizabeth Olsen called Wanda insults. 2015 Elizabeth Olsen learned it was an insult. So why was she calling him insults like RECENTLY doing the press for WandaVision? Because she’s a bad racist.

– rosi | illustrator (@optyck) February 3, 2021

“No one is trying to undo your favorite. We just want her to wake up and apologize for being racist and ignorant. Elizabeth Olsen, wake up ”.

no one is trying to cancel your fav. We just want her to wake up and apologize for being racist and ignorant. Elizabeth Olsen hun wakes up tf.

– lucas (@ det3ctivewayne) February 2, 2021

“So where are the Elizabeth Olsen fans who say ‘she’s not racist, she didn’t know the gypsy was an insult’, after Graham Norton told her she was and that she was use the word again. How are you going to defend it now? I’m curious. “

So where are the Elizabeth Olsen Stans who now say ‘she ain’t racist she didn’t know the gypsy was an insult’ after Graham Norton told her it was and now she used it again . how are you going to defend her now? I’m curious.

– Bella ミ ☆ (@ZOEKATVITZ) January 30, 2021

“I woke up with an endless desire to call Elizabeth Olsen racist shit.”

I woke up with an undying need to call Elizabeth Olsen racist shit

– amora (@gofrostyourseIf) February 1, 2021

“Elizabeth Olsen describing her characters, they whitewash her, using an insult twice.”

elizabeth olsen describing the character she whitens using an insult twice:

– Bella ミ ☆ (@ZOEKATVITZ) January 30, 2021

“Elizabeth Olsen recently used ‘gypsy’ to describe Wanda’s hair set. She realized the meaning of the word as an insult to Roma in 2014 and I thought she had been educated since then. Although I think she had no malicious intent, it was wrong and I really hope she apologizes ”.

Elizabeth Olsen recently used G * ps * to describe Wanda’s helmet. She was informed of the meaning of the word in 2014 as an insult to Roma and I thought she had educated herself since. Although I think she had no malicious intent, it was wrong and I really hope she apologizes.

– alias – WV SPOILERS (@itsjustanx) January 31, 2021

“Okay, then she doesn’t care about the Roma anymore. “Did you fight for this?” What the hell? She has said it several times and I firmly believe that it was brought to her or that someone tried to correct her on it. It’s already horrible that Wanda has been whitened, but it’s disgusting ”.

fine at this point. she doesn’t care about the Roma. “I fought for this”? What the hell? for having said it several times and I firmly believe that it was brought up or that someone tried to correct it. it’s bad enough that wanda is whitewashed but it’s disgusting.

-. · ♍︎ circe ☽. (@Chaosvvitch) January 30, 2021

“Elizabeth Olsen repeated the insult C…. Don’t you also cancel Mark for the same? “

Elizabeth Olsen said the insult g …… again. Ain’t the same that you canceled the mark for

– She-Hulk and Wandavision Era (╬☉д⊙) ⊰⊹ ฺ (@Dorkybanner) January 30, 2021

“Oh no, Elizabeth Olsen is racist.”

oh noo elizabeth olsen is racist 💔

– Margot (@Mxrgotx) February 2, 2021

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