Elettra Lamborghini saw her sister again after the GF Vip: the context



The release of Ginevra Lamborghini’s most spied on house in Italy has caused quite a stir. As many will remember, his disqualification was due to his remarks, decidedly offensive, against the Bellavia case. And among other things, it’s not even a mystery that the well-known sister Elettra repeatedly urged her not to participate in the reality show, but now the two have met again or not? How are their relationships today?

Elettra Lamborghini is known for flatly refusing more and more opportunities to participate in the father of all reality shows, but not only, apparently she also urged her sister to stay out of it. And now it looks like the two have reunited after the influencer’s release from the game. Will it really be like that?

Ginevra and Elettra Lamborghini Solocine.it

Some time has passed since the debut of the father of all reality shows, the singer, for the first time, breaks the silence on the participation of her sister Ginevra in Gf Vip 7, which put her “in play” several times since the show’s first episode. A choice which, according to what the artist explains, violates the agreement – concluded through lawyers – to keep the question of the quarrel between the two in full view. A quarrel – apparently – for soon and which – perhaps – is not yet resolved, at least not completely… But now let’s move on to the story of the facts…

Elettra warned her sister twice

A month before the show started, Elettra had sent a warning asking her to “refrain from talking about her”. Geneva, at the time, had “a positive reaction saying” that she would not have broached the subject because she was not interested”. Since her presentation clip to the GF – however – the young girl has changed “cards on the table” and started quoting the much more famous sister, as if this warning had never been given to her.

For this exact reason, after the second episode, the second warning arrived, the one we call “reminder”. And how did the singer comment on all this? Like “a theatre”, even like “a sad spectacle”. Here are his other statements on this subject: “Given what we talked about since the first episode with lots of images that I did not approve of, I imagine that the goal is not to make peace but something else. Silence is often worth a thousand words. I will not speak more of this little theatre”.

Elettra Lamborghini disappointed by Geneva’s participation in the GF Vip Solocine.it

And on this point he also immediately added: “I’ve been working on television for years and I don’t think this is the place to talk about it, everything else is just gossip… Or in this occurrence a sad show”. In short, the artist did not go easy on the subject. Then he then wanted to put the classic “dots on the i’s” by saying: “Good and respect can manifest themselves in different ways, if I had wanted to be bad I could have easily made statements and spoken during all these years but I haven’t ever done… It’s not in my person. On the contrary, going on TV and putting myself in a bad light I don’t think it’s respectful towards me (nor towards my family which is indirectly involved) and I don’t even think I deserve it after everything I’ve been through”.

To date, it appears the two have yet to meet. The anger and disappointment are still too strong. But fans are hoping for a good reconciliation soon.

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