Eleonora Daniele panics: “I feel bad”. It happened live



Eleonora Daniele had a truly shocking ration live, after the news came suddenly, like a painful blow

The presenter Eleonora Daniele is appreciated by many Italian viewers, so much so that she has so far had an excellent career on the Rai networks. After his long participation in Big Brother, he gained credibility in this role.

Eleonora Daniele (Rai screen)

A character loved for his professionalism, but also for the spontaneity with which he conducts in-depth programs. The latest example came from his true and almost dramatic reaction to the news this morning.

Eleonora Daniele literally found herself in panic and grief after hearing the news live, during today’s episode of her program Italian Stories, in the morning on Rai Uno.

Eleonora Daniele affected by the death of Franco Gatti: “A friend, we heard from him a few days ago”

During the live broadcast, Eleonora Daniele learned the bad news. It is the death of Franco Gatti, historic member of the musical group Ricchi e Poveri.

Franco died at the age of 80 after a long illness. However, Daniele took the news very badly, as he said live: “I feel really bad, I can’t believe it. Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri has left us, Ansa has just said The announcement of the disappearance was made by the Gatti family, who said: ‘A piece of our life is gone, hello Franco’”. Franco Gatti (web source)

Obviously, Eleonora Daniele was very attached both to Franco Gatti and to the complex to which she had belonged for many years. So much so that she heard it a few days ago: “We heard Franco a few days ago, when we had Marina Occhiena here in the studio, he sent her a nice message. We all knew that he was sick, a special person and a friend are leaving”.

The emotion of the host of Italian Stories immediately seemed visible and obvious. So much so that the woman, as the direct admitted, had a hard time continuing. It took him a few minutes of break to recover from the shock and continue the conduction flawlessly, as always. Conducting live is not always easy and mechanical.

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