Eleonora Daniele is furious: she calls her correspondent live



What happened this morning live at Storie Italiane is incredible: Eleonora Daniele forced to intervene

The Rai Uno presenter is very calm and professional in her work, until they do something to her that makes her lose her mind, as happened this morning. In a few weeks, the landlady lets go again


Eleonora Daniele is always very professional live, the occasions in which she blurts out are rare and if she does, it is for a just cause. He’s only recently had a few in-studio chats with guests, but at the center of today’s controversy is a correspondent for the show itself.

Even today, in fact, Storie Italiane started punctually on Rai Uno with the last episode of the week, in view of the weekend break. There were many topics to be discussed in the studio with his guests and with relations from various regions of Italy, including Ischia in which the issue of the abuse of some kindergarten children by the nuns of the Neapolitan island has been addressed. The correspondent for the occasion was Vittorio Introcaso who met several inhabitants of the island, including a lady who came to the defense of the nuns.

Eleonora Daniele live chat with Vittorio Introcaso: question and answer


From the first moment of the connection, the envoy Vittorio Introcaso seemed particularly agitated and taken up by the subject for which he was in Ischia. When he got Mrs. Consiglia to speak, who in turn tried to defend the nuns accused of ill-treatment, the correspondent was obviously furious. The reason seems to be linked to the fact that his interlocutor and other local residents had threatened and prevented a mother from speaking out against the institution. Vittorio Introcaso became increasingly aggressive, raising his voice and rightly admitting: “This Consiglia affair must not happen, absolutely, what happened here a short time ago is very serious.”

Initially, Eleonora Daniele took it lightly, saying in a low voice, “Vittorio is very angry.” When the tone rose, however, it was the landlady who asked her emissary to calm down, without, however, having any results. The presenter let go, at a certain point, and only asked Introcaso for the video he was supposed to show, without continuing to interrupt the two women.

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