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Opposites attract and more. They interact with each other, talk to each other and may even fall in love. A few hours ago, the first trailer for the new Pixar film, titled Elemental, was released. The film, the 27th from Pixar, will be released in theaters in early 2023. The characters are made up of one of the 4 elements (water, air, fire, earth) and live together in the frenzy of the imaginary city called Element City. They take the metro, read the newspaper, talk to each other expressing their element.

The film Elemental was first announced last May by American director Peter Sohn, 45, a former director of Arlo’s Journey in 2015 and Partly Cloudy in 2009. Sohn said the idea for the film came to him a long time ago: periodic table of elements and i always thought it was about flats. I used to joke that carbon appeared next to nickel, but the two didn’t trust each other very much.” The director said that being the son of Korean immigrants in the USA was also a source of inspiration: languages ​​and neighborhoods”.

When he goes out

As for the release in Italian cinemas, we still don’t have a precise date. We know for sure that it will debut in the UK on June 6, 2023 and in the US on June 16.

The parcel

Elemental will tell the story of Ember (voiced by Leah Lewis), a tenacious, sharp, and literally hot girl who lives in Element City. One day, we see her getting on the subway with headphones on, almost as if she wanted to isolate herself from the world. When the headphones fall off, the girl looks up and to help her there’s Wade, (voiced by Mamoudou Athie), a funny, freshwater boy who “goes with the flow” and will test all his beliefs on the world. they live in.

Ember and Wade – Solocine.it

Although at first glance the possibility of a connection cannot exist between them, the two protagonists will discover that opposites not only attract, but can also coexist, finding a particular balance.

The first trailer highlights the animations of the magical Pixar Animation Studios and confirms the release in Italian theaters in 2023.

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