Electricity bill, look at the hair dryer and straightener: how much they consume



Electricity bill, beware of hair dryers and straighteners: the consumption of these devices is surprising

Given the continuous increase in energy prices, the contingency of certain tools that we normally use in everyday life becomes fundamental. Hair care can be very expensive…

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The economic crisis continues to rumble across Europe and pushes citizens to drastic choices. The return of the bad season, despite still mild temperatures in most of Italy, also inevitably pushes up consumption. The days are getting shorter, electricity costs are increasing, and heating will soon arrive. Everyone is forced to save in their apartment, trying to limit the use of certain tools that have become quite expensive. Yes, because the convenience that comes with appliances is often a luxury we can’t afford right now. In times of greatest well-being, we may never have really realized the consumption of an oven, rather than a dishwasher or a refrigerator, not to mention televisions or latest generation washing machine. Now is the time to find out about this point of view as well.

Surprising electricity bill, straightener and hair dryer consumption: how to save money

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Today, for example, we want to focus our attention on two tools that are used to take care of our hair. Women, in particular, often cannot do without a hair dryer and a straightener. But how much do they really consume?

The hair dryer is certainly one of the appliances that suck the most energy in the house. Indeed, even if it is not at the level of a washing machine or an oven, the hair dryer is a device that consumes 2.4 kW per hour.

So by doing a few simple calculations, lowering the consumption of the hair dryer and taking as an example a mid-range that consumes 1.6 kWh, you can spend an average of 0.72 euros per hour on the bill. This means that for example in the summer we will pay around 5.50 euros per month per couple of people. In winter, as you can imagine, the figure can even triple.

To save money, you can use the usual old natural methods, such as towel-drying your hair before blow-drying it or even using nice sunny days when available.

As mentioned, however, for the care of our hair, we usually use, especially for women, hair straighteners.

Generally those of the new generation can reach up to 220° and this heat increases the cost of the invoice of the device.

It is useful to know that a straightener consumes about 1.3 kW per hour and therefore costs 0.59 euros per hour in the bill. Whenever possible, giving up is not a bad idea.

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