Electricity and gas bills, bad news for Italians: what changes from November 5



Bad news comes at the end of the month for all Italians, given that there is an important change for electricity and gas bills: what happens.

Unfortunately for all Italians waiting for their electricity and gas bills, bad news is on the way. Indeed, significant increases are expected from November 5: which will happen soon.

What will happen from next November 5 (via WebSource)

Electricity and gas bills for the month of October, as expected, will be more expensive even if the increase will not be so significant. The cost of the invoice will increase by an average of 5% and not 70% as expected a month ago. Nomisma Energia was responsible for reporting the news during its last analysis. The Confcommercio alarm on electricity makes businesses tremble, indeed: hotels, bars, restaurants and grocery stores.

Indeed, these companies will have an average electricity expenditure 27% higher than that of Spanish companies and almost 70% higher than that of French companies. The figure is even more significant if we consider the overall resources allocated by each country in 2022 to deal with rising energy prices. In this category, Italy occupies the first place with 60 billion allocated, almost double that of Spain.

Electricity and gas bills, price increases expected for November: the news

Expected price increases for this month (via WebSource)

Gas futures in Europe closed yesterday nearly 17% higher at $1,386.5 per thousand cubic meters, according to London’s ICE exchange. Futures forecast for the month of December also started to trade in the red, near the threshold of 1185.4 dollars per thousand cubic meters (-0.3%). The prices then started to climb and before closing they reached a peak: $1386.5 (+16.6%).

At the same time, the outlook for the oil market for the next ten years will certainly be revised as the Chinese economy continues to slow and oil production increases. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that in the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States continue to clash. In a previous study, experts said that the exchange rate in 2022 will remain relatively stable.

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