electric cars have become the most expensive



Electric car (generic) – Photo by Ansa Foto

Charging an electric car costs 161% more today than a year ago. This is what emerges from an analysis by Facile.it, which examined the consumption of certain models and compared them to similar vehicles, running on gasoline or diesel.

Previously, the electric car was the cheapest in terms of fuel cost, costing between 50% and 60% depending on the model, compared to petrol and diesel versions.

Now, due to expensive energy, not only is that no longer the case, but having an electric car has become even more expensive than a traditional car. Dear

According to the Facile.it survey, recharging the car at terminals on the road is even more expensive than recharging it at home. The analysis looked at three car models in all-electric, diesel and petrol versions, taking into account the consumption declared by car manufacturers and the prices of energy and fuel.

In three comparisons, it appears that in two out of three cases, considering a journey of one thousand kilometres, the diesel engine, from the point of view of full fuel, is the cheapest, followed by petrol and finally by electric.

In one case, the electric car costs less

The first analysis concerns a small car with an engine capacity of 100 to 136 horsepower. In the diesel version, the range is 24.4 km/L, the petrol 19.6 km/L and the electric 6.3 km/L. In a journey of a thousand kilometers, in the first case 71 euros are enough, in the second case 83 and in the third case 85 euros.

The second analysis concerns a 130-150 horsepower sedan. In the diesel version, the range is 22.5 km/L, petrol 18.7 km/L and electric 6.6 km/L. Also in this case, to travel a thousand kilometers it takes 77 euros for a diesel car, 80 for the electric version and 88 euros for gasoline.

The third simulation is more for a 249 to 286 horsepower sedan. In this case, the electric car is the most practical. In the diesel version, the range is 16.1 km/L, petrol 13.2 km/L and electric 5.4 km/L. Considering once again the mileage of a thousand kilometers, the electric car costs 99 euros, the diesel 108 and 124 the gasoline one.

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