egonu leaves national dragons phone call what happens now



The outburst of Paola Egonu, Italian women’s volleyball champion, in tears for racism towards her present among many compatriots, made the rounds on social networks. Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed his solidarity and closeness to him. But Egonu now wants to leave Italvolley.

“Full solidarity with President Draghi’s volleyball champion Paola Egonu during the phone call this morning. The blue athlete is a pride of Italian sport, he will have future opportunities to win other trophies while wearing the national team shirt”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi, as reported on the Palazzo Chigi Twitter account, made a phone call to national volleyball team star Paola Egonu.

Paul Egonu. Photo Twitter @DaniSbrollini

On Saturday October 15, the 23-year-old Italian was the protagonist of a harsh and very painful outburst – “They even asked me why I’m Italian!” – after the victory in the final for third place in the Volleyball World Cup. And he offered the possibility of leaving the national team for a while. A pause due to the fact that it is not the first time that Egonu has been the victim of racism and now she is tired of having to endure.

🇮🇹🏐 Full solidarity with President Draghi’s volleyball champion Paola #Egonu during the phone call this morning. The blue athlete is a pride of Italian sport, he will have future opportunities to win other trophies wearing the national team shirt pic.twitter.com/ZZnWLnhM3P

— Palazzo_Chigi (@Palazzo_Chigi) October 16, 2022

The case has become a topic of discussion in the political sphere. “The Italian volleyball girls for the bronze medal are very tall. A stronger hug to Paola Egonu, champion on and off the court, to whom we wish many more victories with the Habs on her chest,” said writes League leader Matteo Salvini on Twitter: “It hurts to hear the outburst of Paola Egonu who, after leading the national team to world bronze, says she’s tired, that she’s been asks ‘why are you Italian?’ and wanting to leave the blue jersey, ”wrote the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, on Facebook.

Egonu, the speeches of politicians

“I don’t know what happened and who asked you such an insulting question,” continued the parliamentarian of Verdi and Sinistra. “This is unfortunately the condition of many Italians in our country, some of whom are not Italians. And Paola’s tears are the tears of many and many. We must only be grateful to the strongest volleyball player in the world.” “Come on Paola Egonu, – concludes Fratoianni – you have always honored your shirt and your nation”.

Paola Egonu is unleashed at the end of the match won by the Italians against the United States. Photo Twitter @donmarcelloc

“A big hug to Paola Egonu, our volleyball champion, pride of our country,” former House Speaker Roberto Fico wrote on his social profiles. Her tears yesterday are a wound for the whole community. Episodes of racism are unfortunately still frequent and intolerable in a society that must show solidarity. How many women and men still have to suffer insults and discrimination for the color of their skin? It is up to all of us to give strong and clear messages against all forms of discrimination and intolerance”.

Mario Draghi. Photo Twitter @Palazzo_Chigi

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