Edoardo Donnamaria, he went too far with Alberto: hot images



Now, the edition of GF Vip currently underway is much richer in unstoppable twists that become more and more crackling and that literally keep millions of Italians glued to the screen. Then there is no shortage of surprise eliminations and languages ​​that are a little too strong and colorful. And now they also arrived – just so as not to miss anything – somewhat equivocal attitudes that left the so many viewers of the father of all reality TV speechless…

We were saying equivocal attitudes and also rightly a few moments ago between two competitors of the GF Vip, which is now in its seventh edition, presented on a rather special occasion. But what was going to happen? And who would have put them in place in front of the cameras? In practice, the handsome Edoardo would seem dangerously “undecided” on a rather intimate issue with his ambiguous behavior… And his very intimate attitudes with Alberto did not – admittedly – go unnoticed. Antonella’s reaction…

Edoardo, Alberto and Antonella at GF Vip Solocine.it

During an evening of music and cocktails in the garden, Edoardo grew dangerously close to Alberto. She grabbed his face and planted a kiss in no time. De Pisis – at this point – is increasingly deceived by the fact that something could be born between them, but those of Donnamaria, interested – at least apparently – in Antonella Fiordelisi, could only be mere provocations which – in this cases – would send him into a beast since he would feel – at that moment – strongly mocked. But how are you really doing?

Is Edoardo playing with Alberto’s feelings?

Edoardo has not yet finished provoking Alberto De Pisis, who – for his part – is more and more cooked than him. In the Casa del GF Vip the first interests are born, even those who are not paid, and now it is feared that the boy, much loved by the general public, will take a good turn given that – according to many Internet users – Edo does not just playing with him, without even thinking about hurting and hurting him with his attitude that surprised many viewers and who are now waiting for explanations about it.

Kiss it but want it…

During the aperitif evening, already mentioned above, the gieffini had a great time. And the two young people, after indulging in a very sensual dance step, here they are kissed! But the gesture – we repeat for the absolute record – originated from Edoardo taking the other by surprise that he now thinks he really loves her. However, apparently things are not like that, since it seems that Donnamaria wants to conquer the beautiful Antonella and to do this he would also be ready, after confiding in Daniele Mora for a long time, to speak to her with an open heart.

And Albert? Seeing him very upset, some VIPs stopped to discuss his crush with him, which is now more than obvious. Antonino’s advice is not to give Edoardo too much trouble. These are his exact words: “He knows very well that you love him. It was understood right away and he knows it, believe me. Provolone with you from morning to night. He always does and knows that he loves that you love him”.

the equivocal “kiss” between Edoardo and Alberto Solocine.it

On the other hand, Alberto never, ever, hid his great interest in Donnamaria: “Yes, I like that. I also told him that I’m not jealous of not giving him satisfaction, but it’s because I don’t want to broach the subject, ”revealed the young man about it. Seeing him very pensive, Carolina also expressed her full support for the boy, saying so sweetly, “Do you have any thoughts? What have you cherished? When you want, I’m there. I don’t insist, when you want to talk, there is… Know it”.

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