Editing PDFs with Ease: Top Tips and Tricks



PDF documents have become the standard file sharing format across various platforms. They are popular because of their portability and safety. However, editing a PDF file can be a difficult task. PDF files are read-only, and making changes to them is not as easy as editing a Word document.

The PDF file can be edited using a PDF editor. A PDF editor is software that allows you to make changes to a PDF file. With the PDF editor you can add text, images, links and even modify the existing content of the PDF file.

Edit PDF files with a desktop PDF editor program

Fortunately, there are free PDF editors available in the market. One of the most popular PDF editors is SwifDoo PDF. 

SwifDoo PDF is a free PDF editor program that allows you to edit PDF documents. It offers both basic functions and more advanced ones, but these are available only after purchasing the premium version. These include editing PDF files, creating new PDF files and exporting PDF files to various formats. It is well compatible with Windows, Apple iOS and Google Android.

In my case, I use a SwifDoo PDF Pro version for this purpose.  The main features and functions of the program are:

  • Editing PDFs with ease
  • Conversion and export capabilities
  • Editing using OCR technology
  • Protecting PDF documents

Below, a short instruction on how to open and edit PDF files using SwifDo PDF software:

  1. Open the PDF file with the program, in the central of the program, click Open

Depending on the size of the files, the whole process may take a while, and after opening the PDF file may open unchanged or elements, font may change.

  • Then click the Edit tag on the top bar, and then select Edit All”.
  • Then the mouse cursor will change its appearance, then click in the place where you want to insert the text. There will be a place to enter text, which we can move by catching it with the mouse.
  • By clicking on the feature icons, you can increase or decrease the font, adjust the text spaces and so on.
  • After everything is finished, simply , click Yes to confirm the changes.

Edit PDF files with online tools

If you don’t want to use SwifDoo PDF or other desktop software, you can edit PDF files for free with online PDF editors. There are several online PDF editors available, such as Smallpdf, PDFescape and Sejda. 

These online PDF editors allow you to edit PDF files directly in your web browser without having to install any software. They offer basic editing features such as adding text, images and links, and are suitable for simple editing tasks.

Editing a PDF file on your smartphones 

Various situations happen in life and it cannot be ruled out that we will have to edit a PDF file on the phone. It is worth paying attention to what operating system we have: Android or iOS. For Android, there are various free apps available to convert documents freely. When you have an iPhone, you’ll pay for most of the tools.


Why can’t I edit a PDF file?

PDF files are primarily intended for viewing and sharing, not editing. They are often used for documents that need to retain their original formatting, such as legal contracts or official forms. PDF files may be locked to prevent editing, or the person who created the PDF file may not have enabled editing. 

Additionally, the software you use to view or edit the PDF file may not have the necessary features or permissions to make changes. To edit a PDF file, you need specialized software such as SwifDoo PDF that recognizes and modifies the PDF format.

What is the best PDF editing program?

There are several PDF editors available in the market, but the best program for editing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Pro. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a comprehensive PDF editor that allows you to create, edit and convert PDF files. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a range of features including text and image editing, form creation and digital signature. Adobe Acrobat Pro is paid software but offers a free trial. And the mentioned SwifDoo PDF is still a good alternative in this regard.

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