Eco-bonus for electric motorcycles and scooters, no waste of time: there is confirmation



Eco-bonus for electric motorcycles and scooters, no waste of time: there is confirmation. Back support for purchases, golden opportunities

The first time was a success and for this reason the Ecobonuses for the purchase of electric scooters are about to return. From 10 on Wednesday 19 on the platform of the Ministry of Economic Development will be open to dealers the possibility of accessing discounts for the sale of electric mopeds and motorcycles.

Ecobonus electric motorcycles and scooters (Pexels)

20 million additional euros, taken from the fund for hybrid cars and plug-in hybrids by the Draghi government. The contribution is reserved for those who buy a new electric vehicle belonging to categories L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e. The discount will be calculated by the dealer as a percentage of the purchase price: 40% if a Euro 0, 1, 2 homologated vehicle is scrapped with the purchase, or 30% in cases without scrapping. The discount may in no case exceed 3 thousand euros.

Sellers, after registering in the dedicated space of the platform, will be able to reserve the contributions relating to each individual vehicle, obtaining, depending on the availability of resources, a reservation registration receipt. The dealer will pay the contribution to his customer by offsetting the purchase price.

Eco-bonus electric motorcycles and scooters, no waste of time. Car incentives are back too

These Eco-bonuses accompany the 2022 car bonuses which have just been launched. In fact, the figure reserved for all motorists who have an income of less than 30 thousand euros has increased. A 50% increase in the amount paid in the form of a bonus for the purchase of new vehicles with a class of at least Euro 6 and emissions between 0 and 20 g/km (electric cars). The only condition is that they have a list price of 35,000 euros maximum.

The buyer is entitled to 4,500 euros (previously they were 3,000) or 7,500 euros instead of the current 5,000 in the event of the scrapping of a vehicle prior to Euro 5. In the case of vehicles whose emissions range from 21 to 60 g/km like hybrid cars, in particular plug-ins, with a maximum price of 45,000 euros, will be 3,000 euros in bonuses (today 2,000) which increase to 6,000 euros with case instead of 4000. Ecobonus, automotive incentives also for cars (ANSA)

In addition, unlike in the past, the new decree also includes lessors and operators as well as legal persons “who rent cars as long as they retain ownership for at least 12 months”.

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