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Eating sour tomato sauce can be dangerous – here’s why



The tomato is a very rich source of nutrients including fiber, lycopene, vitamins A, C and K, zeaxanthin and various minerals such as potassium, but despite these beneficial effects, it is still important and essential not to not consume it in large quantities. You may not know it, but eating too many tomatoes can cause various embarrassing ailments and problems such as heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms. Allergic reactions: Eating tomatoes can even lead to unpleasant allergic reactions, with symptoms including rashes, hives, constant sneezing, coughing, itchy throat, and even swelling of the face and throat. stuffy.

Kidney problems that usually affect people who already have advanced kidney disease. Irritable bowel syndrome caused by peels and seeds having an irritating effect that can affect the lining of the intestine. The right amount for tomato intake, to ensure that our body does not suffer from it, is to eat up to 1/3 cup of tomatoes daily, and obviously this is not than a generic amount, as each person has different tolerance levels. But what happens when the tomato or tomato sauce we eat is acidic? It has certainly often happened to many of you that in the beautiful vinaigrette with tomato sauce you feel too much a hint of acidity, so what to do?

The main secret is to add a pinch of sugar, milk or baking soda to the sauce or to cook a potato, which takes care of “absorbing” all the acidity present. The most starred chefs, however, having heard this, immediately wrinkled their noses and an example is the famous Antonino Cannavacciuolo who, when he saw a contestant in the talent show make this choice to suppress the acidity of the tomato sauce, simulated a tragic anxiety attack, accompanied by chef Bruno Barbieri who decided by saying that the sugar in the sauce is Satan.

However, it is clear that home cooking is very different from that of the restaurant and therefore, inside the house, you can safely use these simple and quick tips in order to achieve our goal. Having said that, if the tomato itself, consumed in large quantities, causes the aforementioned disorders, it is obvious that consuming sour sauce is not really good for our health so it is better to avoid it in any way.

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