Eating honey can prevent many diseases – here’s the truth



According to a survey carried out over the last month, very many Italians prefer sweet foods to salty foods. Everything would depend on a new real trend born during the years of confinement. Closed at home to protect themselves from the then new covid 19, many tried their hand at trying to cook dishes that they had never before tried to prepare independently, most often due to lack of time. Especially the Italians had a lot of fun preparing desserts of all kinds and shapes.

Admittedly, all the experiments did not succeed, but that in no way discouraged the Italians who filled their days in front of the stoves. The food that many Italians rediscovered on these occasions was honey. It is a very sweet substance, capable of filling, flavoring or sweetening anything. Experts in the sector, however, are quick to warn us: they affirm that, precisely because of the qualities it possesses, honey is a food that must be consumed with extreme moderation and not before the age of two. year.

In fact, it contains glucose which, even in small doses, is able to provide the caloric intake we need for the whole day. According to nutritionists, you should not exceed 2 teaspoons a day. Moreover, honey is able to bring significant benefits to our body, so much so that it led to the invention of the so-called “honey diet”. According to a well-known American nutritionist, honey should be considered an excellent ally for anyone who wants to get rid of a few extra pounds. This happens because honey is able to modify certain metabolic elements, which allows us to stop having that constant craving for sweets.

Obviously, the honey diet involves the intake of all the macronutrients we need without counting the calories we consume. There are many people who relied on this new diet somewhat in disbelief, but instead saw great results in a short time. The rules to follow are essentially two in number: completely replace sugar with honey and, each evening before going to sleep, take a spoonful of honey with a hot drink.

Especially the last rule is fundamental, because it helps to better reconcile sleep and therefore to rest well. According to this well-known nutritionist, in fact, the quality of sleep is extremely important to ward off phenomena such as obesity, and honey before falling asleep helps to avoid sugar overloads in the brain and therefore to sleep better.

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