Eating eggs with tomato sauce: this is what happens



Eggs in purgatory are a classic recipe belonging to Italian culinary culture. Its origins are purely Neapolitan and were very much consumed by peasants after a hard day’s work in the fields. It is a very poor dish, but it guarantees us an excellent nutritional contribution and a lot of taste. This type of recipe is very well known all over the world, especially known as “Israeli shakshuka”. Between ours and this version there is a substantial difference, the abundant use of chilli, which fully reflects the customs of this country.

Purgatory eggs are considered by many Italians to be a real dinner saver, because to prepare them you only need two ingredients that are usually never missing at home and allow us to feed the whole family. We asked our trusted chefs to give us some tips on the recipe we offer so that you can prepare excellent eggs in Purgatory. Considering that about two eggs are consumed per person, it is necessary to use a pan large enough to be able to cook them without breaking them. For a family, the pan to be used should be at least 32 cm wide. Another fundamental element is homemade bread.

This food, in fact, allows us, thanks to its consistency, to make excellent shoes. In addition, if the dish is accompanied by a good glass of full-bodied red wine, it will help to make the recipe even tastier. The basic element of the recipe are the eggs, so these must necessarily be fresh and should not be cooked for too long, since the yolk should remain soft. This very imaginative name derives from the color of the dish: in fact, the classic white color of the eggs recalls the mantle that must protect the souls in purgatory from the flames of hell represented by the red sauce.

There are so many consumers who decided to create a revamped version based on their personal tastes and as a result, kitchen purists wasted no time in complaining. Usually vegetables such as peppers and/or peas are added, but there are also variations of boiled eggs in purgatory with or without the addition of cheeses such as mozzarella or other local produce. Certainly, many continue to prefer the classic egg purgatory recipe, which includes only two ingredients such as eggs and tomato sauce: this trend is not only respected in Campania, but also in other regions of southern Italy. .

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