Earthquake of Mediaset, the page is definitively turned: a soap opera closes forever



A real earthquake is ready to hit Mediaset’s calendar. Indeed, the programming will be upset by the cancellation of a soap opera.

Mediaset is ready to shake up its programming, with the cancellation of one of the soap operas most followed by viewers. So there are several novelties in the Biscione calendar: what will happen soon.

The big lineup change for the Biscione is ready (Via WebSource)

A schedule change is set to disrupt the habits of Mediaset viewers. The news will concern the afternoon day slot, which will lead to the grand finale of the soap opera Una Vita. Indeed, after a series of triumphant years from the point of view of action, the Biscione is now ready to turn the page with the grand finale concerning the events of the protagonists of Acacias 38. For a soap opera that says goodbye, however, there will be another ready to debut which is Terra Amara.

In fact, the Turkish soap opera is set to return after the September suspension. Thus, on Saturday, November 12, the last episode of Una Vita is scheduled in the afternoon, after which the curtain will fall on the soap opera forever. The announcement is sure to upset the soap opera’s many Italian fans, given that here in Italy the ratings continue to be very positive. Despite this, Terra Amara looks promising and ready to keep Canale 5’s share high.

Mediaset, goodbye to Una Vita: Terra Amara returns

Terra Amara advances ready to return to Canale 5 (Facebook)

November 2022 will therefore mark the return of Terra Amara. Despite the few episodes, the fiction has already fascinated millions of viewers across the peninsula. The long-awaited series last September was suspended from the afternoon daytime to make way for the return of Men and Women and the daytime of Amici 22. But all those who were passionate about the plot of the soap will finally be able to rejoice.

Indeed, fans of the Yilmaz and Zuleyha events will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief, given that the soap opera’s normal programming on Canale 5 will resume from November 14. Mediaset for the return of the soap opera has chosen the early afternoon slot, occupying the 2:10 p.m. slot which will be left empty by Una Vita, after the broadcast of the last episode of the Iberian series.

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