“Dune”: a new video explains the mythology of the rich universe of adaptation; To verify!



Warner Bros. released a new behind-the-scenes video from “Dune” explaining the rich mythology behind the adaptation universe.

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Success in theaters and with the sequel confirmed, the adaptation ‘Duna’ has already grossed nearly $ 400 million worldwide.

In the United States, the feature film grossed US $ 104.5 million. In the international market, it was US $ 277.6 million.

In total, production has already garnered 382.1 million dollars worldwide.

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Remember, “Duna” is now available on HBO Max!

According to reporter Josh Encinias in response to one of the “Dune” sessions, acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve has already started production on Part 2 of the adaptation – and that filming is slated to begin in mid 2022 (more specifically on the 18th July next year).

Villeneuve has already started writing the screenplay and started working on the project even before he got the green light at Warner Bros. According to him :

“I’m writing Part 2 now and I feel like I’m eight again. It is very unusual for me. This is the first time that I try to see one of my films and I have a moment of pure gratitude, of joy and I say: “thank you, life, for giving me the opportunity to wear this to the screen. “

The director intends to make a trilogy.

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