Ducati’s Muscle Cruiser Diavel Gets the Multistrada’s V4 Engine



You know, “Muscle Cruiser” is an accurate description of this thing.
Photo: Ducati

Ducati’s Diavel has always been kind of an odd duck. First of all, it’s a cruiser built by a manufacturer known for its wild-ass sports bikes, and while it’s got the proportions of a cruiser, it doesn’t ride like one.

The Diavel previously came with a version of the 1,260cc L-Twin engine that saw duty in the Multistrada and even the Panigale, and while that mill offered a crap-ton of performance, Ducati decided that for the 2023 model year, it wasn’t enough, and since it had a perfectly lovely V4 engine laying around, why not go all-in.

Enter the Diavel V4, which uses the V4 engine found in the utterly stellar Multistrada V4. While there will surely be weirdos who complain about the folks from Borgo Panigale not using the Streetfighter V4 engine, the V4 Granturismo makes a lot more sense. First, it’s got less power but more torque which suits the character of a power cruiser. It’s also going to require less maintenance and should be easier to keep on the road, something that Diavel-riding Wild Hog dad-types will undoubtedly appreciate.

How many exhaust tips do you really want?
Photo: Ducati

In the Diavel V4, the Granturismo motor produces a spicy 168 hp and 93 ft-lb — that’s 10 hp more and two lb-ft less than the 1260 version — which rules, but what’s even better is that the Diavel V4 weighs a claimed 29 lbs less than the outgoing model. That’s a substantial drop in motorcycle terms and should absolutely be noticeable during a spirited ride.

Other highlights for the new Diavel include the use of Brembo Stylema brakes, which you’ll also find on the brand’s sportier fare like the Streetfighter V4 and fully-adjustable suspension consisting of a 50mm fork and cantilever rear shock. Also notable is the return of the Diavel’s almost silly 240/45 section rear tire, which has always contributed significantly to the bike’s aggressive looks.

If red is too over the top for you, there’s a slightly pricier “Thrilling Black” variant.
Photo: Ducati

Like all modern Ducatis, the Diavel V4 has plenty of electronics to help you keep the bike’s rubber side on the road. This includes lean-sensitive traction control, ABS and wheelie control, and four ride modes – Sport, Touring, Urban, and in a first for the Diavel, a toned-down rain mode called, appropriately, Wet. Because the bike has ride-by-wire throttle control, you get cruise control. Finally, the Diavel V4 has launch control, so you can show that Dyna-riding nerd from bike night just how long a freeway onramp should really take.

The Diavel V4 is set to hit dealers this coming spring with a hefty starting price of $26,695 plus dealer fees for the Ducati Red version or $26,995 plus fees for “Thrilling Black.” There will naturally be a boatload of available accessories, too, so good luck getting out of the dealer for under $30,000.

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