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Drinking chamomile tea at this time can have side effects: here are those



Chamomile is a highly valued and popular herb throughout Europe. It is used in various ways, such as compresses (especially for eye problems such as conjunctivitis), nebulizations and infusions (the most common method). Chamomile tea is usually taken at the end of the day, when you decide to end a heavy and hectic daily life with a relaxing evening on the sofa. In short, we can say that for many of us, there is no better evening: it takes very little to allow ourselves a moment of total relaxation, thus detaching ourselves, for a few hours, from the frantic rhythm of the city.

Chamomile is excellent for reconciling sleep: for this reason, drinking a hot chamomile herbal tea in the evening is never a bad idea. Among the most important beneficial effects caused by taking chamomile, we must certainly mention its extraordinary relaxing and antispasmodic ability. Indeed, it is thanks to these properties that it is able to provide significant benefits in situations of anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, digestive difficulties, menstrual pain and intestinal cramps. There are few consumers who know the benefits of chamomile, let’s see them together.

There are very few consumers aware of all that a herbal tea can bring us. this plant hides many secrets, such as being able to obtain an infusion with an exciting effect. Like, how? It all depends on the infusion time: let’s see together what it is. For example, if we leave the chamomile to infuse for more than 3 minutes which is usually indicated on the packaging, then the chamomile flower heads will release their intrinsic energizing power from the plant, which will give us the same effect as a good coffee. . drunk in the morning.

But do not think that this is the only unknown benefit, the qualities of this plant are not limited to this: chamomile even has a tonic effect on the skin. To be precise, this is due to the astringent properties it contains, which act positively on the skin, especially on combination or oily skin, by rebalancing sebum and reducing impurities. With chamomile you can also create essential oils, which have a protective and anti-inflammatory action, excellent properties for those who suffer from skin affected by acne and scars.

So what can I say, chamomile is really a marvel. It is precisely for this reason that it can easily be defined as a panacea, which warms the hands and also the heart. Chamomile is such an enveloping drink4 that in a few sips it is able to dissolve all the bad thoughts and worries that everyday life gives us, thus finally finding, after a long and stressful day, a moment of relaxation with us- ourselves and the serenity lost in dedicating to the people we love the most, such as our family or our circle of friends.

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