Dr. Shara BA Cohen: A Journey of Science, Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy



Dr. Shara BA Cohen is a dynamic individual who seamlessly combines her expertise in science, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy to drive positive change. With a remarkable journey that spans multiple ventures and initiatives, she has become an influential figure in bridging the gap between scientific knowledge, business acumen, and social impact.

Dr. Cohen’s path to entrepreneurship began with a significant career transition after the birth of her first daughter in 2000. Leaving behind a thriving career in mainstream science, she embraced entrepreneurship, blending her scientific expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset. This bold decision allowed her to explore new opportunities and make a broader impact on society.

One of Dr. Cohen’s notable accomplishments is the founding of Euroscicon Ltd in 2000. Through this venture, she aimed to make scientific knowledge more accessible to the public. Euroscicon Ltd offered a range of life science communication services, including events, conferences, and publications. Under Dr. Cohen’s leadership, the company became a trusted provider, facilitating dialogue and understanding between the scientific community and the wider public.

Driven by her commitment to supporting women in science, Dr. Cohen established Mums in Science in 2005. This initiative addresses the unique challenges faced by women in balancing their scientific careers with motherhood. Mums in Science provides a supportive network, resources, and information to empower women to pursue their scientific passions while navigating the demands of family life.

Inspired by her personal experience with breast cancer in 2013, Dr. Cohen founded Cancer Care Parcel in 2017. This initiative demonstrates her deep empathy and commitment to helping cancer patients. Cancer Care Parcel offers thoughtfully curated gift packages tailored to the specific needs of individuals battling cancer, providing comfort, support, and practical assistance during their journey.

Through her work, Dr. Cohen exemplifies how science, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy can intersect harmoniously. She leverages her scientific background, entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropic dedication to effect positive change in society. Her ventures bridge gaps, empower individuals, and support communities, making a lasting impact on diverse domains.

Looking ahead, Dr. Cohen envisions a future where science, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy continue to collaborate for the greater good. She aspires to bridge further gaps, empower more individuals, and support communities through her work. Dr. Cohen’s dedication, insights, and ambitious aspirations serve as an inspiration for others striving to effect positive change.

In conclusion, Dr. Shara BA Cohen’s remarkable journey, insights, and aspirations serve as an inspiration for individuals across various domains. Her unique ability to seamlessly integrate the worlds of science, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy has not only enabled her to create a lasting impact but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for others striving to effect positive change. Dr. Cohen’s work exemplifies the transformative potential that arises when scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropic dedication converge, fostering a brighter future for individuals and communities alike.

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