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Donut Media Is Getting A Forza Horizon Series



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In the past seven years, Donut Media has grown into a true force of automotive culture. They have over six million YouTube subscribers, build series ranging from drift to dirt, and some of the most entertaining hosts you’ll ever see — it’s no surprise that they’re now one of the biggest names in the car world. But now, they’re ascending to a rank once reserved for Top Gear — their own series in a Forza Horizon game.

An official stream earlier this month laid out the plans for Forza Horizon 5’s next content pack, which fans are already calling the Donut Media Update. It’s got the usual list of technical upgrades and new cars (including, surprisingly, the Lynk & Co Cyan Racing 03), but Donut is bringing a few new things to the party: James Pumphrey, Nolan Sykes, and Kei Miura.

Image for article titled Donut Media Is Getting A Forza Horizon Series

Pumphrey and Sykes are two of the longest-running Donut hosts, whose approach to YouTube car content helped shape the brand. They’ll be showing up as in-game avatars for the creatively titled Donut Media @ Horizon story, in which players will follow the Money Pit Season 2 formula on one of three starting cars to slowly build it for rally use — all tested and tuned, of course, on the new Donut Media Test Track. In an ad read on a recent video, the two even teased more plans in cooperation with Forza — including an appearance from fellow host Zach Jobe.

But one important name isn’t among the ranks of Donut’s video hosts: Kei Miura, creator of Rocket Bunny body kits. Fans of the Forza series will remember these widebody kits from previous games, but have likely noticed their conspicuous absence from Horizon 5. With the Donut Update, that all changes: Rocket Bunny is back, with 21 body kits available across 20 different cars.

The upcoming Donut Media Update will bring a wealth of new content into Forza Horizon 5. The new story ought to appeal to us Donut fans, and the long-awaited reintroduction of Rocket Bunny will be a massive boon to Forza drifters — and maybe turn a few of them into Donut viewers along the way.

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