Don’t Eat Tomato Sauce If You Kept It Open: Here’s Why



Tomato sauce, also called tomato sauce, is the sauce obtained by cooking tomato pulp with olive oil and used in Italian cuisine for many preparations. The basic recipe has given rise to countless variations, all of which are delicious.
However, in Italian cuisine, there are two different methods and recipes for tomato sauce: one typical of north-central Italy and one typical of south-central Italy. The north-central version is the one prepared with sautéed celery, carrot and onion, to which are then added carefully crushed tomatoes and brought to a boil: cooking is done practically only by boiling.

The south-central version of the sauce is the one that, on the other hand, is prepared only with garlic, usually whole and “dressed”: the tomatoes are then added and browned whole over medium heat, only being crushed until the end of the kitchen. The tomato sauce allows the preparation of many recipes ranging from a simple pasta dish, to any type of pizza, lasagna, meat or potatoes alla pizzaiola and I could really go on and on. But how many times have we opened a bottle or jar of pasta and then kept it for a few days because we no longer needed it? And have you ever wondered how long an open sauce can last?

A bottle of tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes or sauce should never be left open, even inside the fridge, for longer than 5 days as mold may already have formed even if it is not yet visible. To preserve the tomato sauce, remember to consume it within a maximum of two days after leaving it in the refrigerator because otherwise, after more than 48 hours, it could face the appearance of mold and to check it , just take a close look or smell it.

It is advisable to place the cans of tomato sauce in a dry, cool and absolutely free of moisture and mold, even better protected from direct sunlight. The sauces, in fact, will keep perfectly for about 10-11 months. Once the bottle of sauce has been opened, it is advisable to keep it tightly closed in the refrigerator and to consume the product within a few days. An additional idea would be to opt for a much more practical and useful method of preservation, but only for short periods of time, or to create ice cubes with tomato sauce.

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