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Don’t buy this brand of pasta: that’s the reason. “Mad”



Pasta is a product made from flour of different extractions, divided into small regular shapes intended for cooking in strictly boiling water and with a little salt, typical of Italian regional cuisines. Any self-respecting Italian demands the consumption of pasta at least once a day, seasoned in the most varied ways ranging from simple tomato sauce, to vegetables, cold meats, to fresh fish.

However, a final investigation of this product revealed something truly frightening: a toxic substance present is glycophate.

What does carcinogens mean?

It is a substance assessed as “probably carcinogenic” and a pesticide; glyphatous has often been associated with certain problems for human health and the environment. Analyzes carried out a few years ago, in 2018, tested many brands in the pasta sector for the presence of glyphosate and mycotoxins.

The investigation had turned glyphosate into a hot topic for consumers and, in fact, a paste that was completely free from any kind of contamination of wheat or its raw material was demanded.

But from the new analyzes carried out, a much worse situation emerges; if at first traces of pesticides were only found in two pastas, this time it is about 7 brands of pasta out of 20. on the 100% italian raw material, the presence of pesticides was detected.

Further analyzes have even highlighted the dangerousness of the substance even at doses that are not too high, in particular for its ability to affect the intestinal microbiota. Between 2016 and 2018, the substance was at an all-time high, following a lot of research published at that time, which highlighted the many risks to human health, impacting the purchases of pasta by many consumers. .

Today, caution is probably less, but the consequence is a real surge in Canadian wheat imports which, according to experts, will already reach their highest levels at the end of this year. But what exactly is glyphosate?

It is the best known and most widespread herbicide due to its effectiveness and low toxicity, which represents a suspicion of carcinogenicity.

In 2015, a cancer research agency listed glyphosate as a highly carcinogenic substance along with high temperature frying, very hot drinks, open fire emissions and red meat.

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