Do you want to sell second-hand clothes on Vinted? The infallible trick that will save you money



Here is the original and secret trick that will make you sell your second-hand and second-hand clothes to the maximum on the famous e-commerce site Vinted

In recent years, in the general panorama of the web and e-commerce, a site has emerged that allows you to sell and buy second-hand clothes in a fairly simple and fast way.

The logo of the Vinted site (web source)

This is Vinted, a website that has been achieving big and winning results for some time, not least thanks to an impressive advertising campaign. Born as a site for shopping and exchanging clothes, this service has grown considerably.

In fact, on Vinted you can also gift or buy household items, video games, hobby tools, books, and pet items. In short, a real practical and second-hand online store.

How to sell more easily on Vinted: don’t underestimate the ‘Games’ section

Buying on Vinted is quick and easy, given the safe buying and selling based app at no extra cost. But the difficulty lies in being able to sell the clothes and accessories that are offered on the e-commerce site.

However, the Gossiplive portal recently unveiled a trick, perhaps little known to many, to have more interactions and make your items for sale more visible and above all attractive on Vinted. The Vinted app (web source)

In fact, many Vinted users underestimate the Forum section of the app. A part where you can present yourself as safe and reliable sellers, rate items purchased or on sale, exchange interactions with other users and much more.

But the advice is to go to the “Games to sell better” section. A kind of fun utility to try to create more traffic on your sales cart and obtain, thanks to an algorithm, absolute visibility.

The most frequent games are, for example, the exchange of views: I look at your article 10 times, you give me the same number of views on mine. In this way, the platform’s algorithm will register an increasing interest in the article that many are viewing.

And it doesn’t stop there: on Vinted there is the game of exchanging favorites (by inserting an article in the favorites), requesting information or even exchanging followers. All the methods to obtain high level views and sell the proposed object more easily.

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