Do you remember the twins from Il Collegio 3? Today they are unrecognizable



Do you remember the Fazzini twins, the 16-year-old protagonists of Il Collegio 3? Less than a year has passed since Cora and Marilù made their television debut, but their looks have changed drastically. Let’s say that today they have become – without a doubt – much more sophisticated and sensual for the immense joy of their fans…

How much have the two beloved twins of Il Collegio changed over time? Let’s see it together…

Twins The Collegio Solocine.it

Il Collegio, the Rai 2 docu-reality dedicated to a group of teenagers who find themselves living and studying in a post-war style school with uniforms, separate dormitories for men and women and a ban to use smartphones, really appeals to toddlers who do not miss a single episode.

All fans of the program – for sure – will remember its most captivating protagonists even from previous editions, such as the twins Cora and Marilù Fazzini, who became real stars after participating in the third edition of the program.

Two peppery twins!

In the early days on TV, they were basically soap and water girls who liked to show off coordinated braids, but forget about them so since today, they’ve completely changed! While they haven’t given up virtually identical looks, they are much more sophisticated and sultry.

Cora and Marilù Fazzini – we remember him for his absolute reporting duty – were among the most beloved protagonists of all time in the Collegio, the famous reality show on Rai 2 which in 2018, during their participation, almost reproduced perfectly a high school of the 60s.

Both come from Città Sant’Angelo, in the province of Pescara, and they caused a lot of talk when they appeared on the Small Screen. The reason? They could not respect the rules imposed within the school, so much so that they were expelled during the last episode. In short, two beautiful peperini, there is no doubt!

Today they are completely different

On the other hand, it must be said that the two entertained the public properly with their innate and decidedly remarkable sympathy, a characteristic that allowed them to continue to be loved on social networks even at the end of the reality show that so much fame.]he had given them.

Although they have been repeatedly portrayed as being overly dependent on each other, in real life they indeed seem very different. Frequent Cora is more exuberant, while Marilù studies ballet and is much softer. After the experience on Rai 2, they took advantage of the notoriety to found a blog, open a YouTube channel and launch a clothing brand.

Judging by the photos and videos they often post on both Instagram and TikTok, they are doing everything to become more and more popular influencers. And in the meantime they have also changed their look and attitude…

Twins The Collegio Solocine.it

When they entered school at Il Collegio 3, they were soap and water girls, they wore long coordinated braids and, partly to respect the rules, partly because they felt like “normal” teenage girls, but used very little makeup. . Today, they wear loose hair that’s also very blonde and make heavy use of makeup with eyes prominent and lips framed in eye-catching pencil and lipsticks. They wear fluorescent bodysuits, checked miniskirts, skinny pants and leather jackets, even daring very high heels.

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