Do you remember the children of Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini? Today forced to live like this



“What boredom, what a beard, what a beard, what boredom …”, will surely remember with great affection and a pinch of healthy nostalgia all the Italians of the last pre-millennial generation who met them thanks to the well-known sit com Casa Vianello whose episodes all end with a scene where Sandra Mondaini repeats the famous phrase several times. But do you know what happened to the couple’s adopted children?

The Vianello spouses, who died a few months apart in the now distant year 2010, we know that they never had children but that they had taken over a Filipino family, often appeared with them in the sitcom Casa Vianello.

Sandra and Raimondo Solocine.it

Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello, a close-knit couple at work but also and above all in life, contrary to how – on the contrary – we have always been used to seeing them in the sitcom Casa Vianello, where the husband was described as gruff and elderly gentleman of little imagination, except for his own profession, who constantly expressed the desire to want to separate from his wife Sandra. Not for nothing, even in the same scenario, at a certain moment, the woman’s desire for motherhood came to light, which led them to adopt the whole family, of Filipino origin, of little Gian Marco, who is appeared with his authentic mother and father. in some episodes, but not the younger brother, perhaps because he was too small at the time of filming.

They had adopted a whole family

The Vianellos died a few months apart: Raimondo on April 15, 2010, while Sandra on September 21 of the same year. After meeting in 1958, the two never left each other and spawned not only a romantic partnership, but also an artistic and complimentary one. Even today, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find actors capable of withstanding the comparison.

Their death was a great pain also and especially for the family they adopted, or the Magsinos, who started working for them when the artists were at the end of their careers. The couple of Filipino leaders had two children, like John Mark better known as Gian Marco and Raimond, who became very close Raimondo and Sandra whom they affectionately called uncles.

What adopted children are doing today

Gian Marco and Raimondo rose to fame from an early age. The two, as many will remember, made appearances at Casa Vianello in some episodes. Currently they live in the attic of Segrate which was the historic home of Sandra and Raimondo.

An interview with the youngsters aired in the famous weekly Oggi dates back to December 2019. At the time, the two were 28 and 23 years old. Both couldn’t help but remember the years spent with the Vianellos. Gian Marco then decides to leave his university career to embark on network marketing. Raimond, was of a completely different opinion: indeed, after finishing high school, he opened a real estate agency.

Sandra and Raimondo with their adopted children Solocine.it

As for their parents, Edgar and Rosalie both opened a non-profit organization in the Philippines. It was expressly dedicated to the two Italian actors in order to never forget their wonderful and infinite gesture of love, implemented the beauty of 30 years ago.

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