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Do you remember? Recall of TV series ending 30 years of release in 2021



Nostalgia is the watchword for many. And that’s true even when we’re talking about Hollywood producers. Or how else would you explain the countless sequels, remakes, and period movie reboots, whether in the ’80s,’ 90s or even before. There are those who claim that they don’t make movies like they used to. Well, it is. Partly because our society has changed so much that it would be impossible to reproduce certain concepts today. So, for better or for worse, today’s audiovisual productions reflect our times. The downside is the growing wave of recycling, as if truly original products are rare to find.

All the stories in the world have already been told and the rest are little derivations of it. Will be? Anyway, that can’t be said when talking about TV series. Unlike film productions, TV series have made a huge leap in terms of quality. Indeed, series are more and more cinematographic, having the freedom to tell certain stories that entertainment cinema no longer has. It’s unmistakable when we look back at how TV shows have gone from pure serial escape to interwoven stories, with beginnings, midpoints, and endings, that directly affect their outcome until the end – instead. , say, a new story from zero every week.

Betting on nostalgia and nostalgia – just for a change – we bring a new story. Here we review with you the programs that were successful 30 years ago in homes around the world. Let’s see if you’ve actually heard of it. Check it out below and comment.

Home improvement

One of the biggest hits of the early 90s was the show that revealed comedian Tim Allen (the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise films) and made him a star in American television. and was even broadcast here in Brazil on a cable channel. Also known as the “Tool Man”, it was the nickname for the character played by Allen, a show host who talked about home repairs, where he taught how to care for and repair the house. The series was a huge success, lasting 8 seasons until 1999.

dinosaur family

Enjoy watching:

This one, I’m sure, is unforgettable. Absolute success when it was shown in an unprecedented way on Globo for 30 years, then found its way into the hands of SBT and is finally now available on the Disney + collection where it undoubtedly promises to captivate a new legion of fans. ‘a young generation. At the time, the series was broadly defined as “a response to the success of The Simpsons,” as it brought a family structure very similar to the design of the yellow characters, if not a baby. Of course, changing the fact that they’re now yellowish dinosaurs and not humans. The big attraction was the craftsmanship behind the creation of the dinosaurs, through a mixture of rubber and animatronics. This is two years before the opening of Jurassic Park. The show ran for 4 seasons until 1994.

Step by step

Another family series, this children’s comedy was broadcast in duplicate in the mid-1990s on the Warner channel alongside Três é Demais. Here we also had the “full house”, when a single father (Patrick Duffy) decides to move in with his partner, a single mother (Suzanne Somers). He takes his three children and so does she – kids ranging in age from late teens to infancy. The show ran for 7 seasons, until 1998.

Clarissa knows everything

Another children’s program, this one featured ’90s teenage muse Melissa Joan Hart. The actress was of course going to make herself known in her next series, the cult Sabrina – The Teenage Witch, which was recently rebooted on Netflix. Maybe a producer isn’t thrilled to bring Clarissa back too. Here, whose original title is Clarissa Explains It All, Hart plays the intelligent teenager in the title, who lives walking through the Fourth Wall and explaining to the audience the actions and situations of everyone around her. The show ran for 5 seasons until 1994.

Silk stalkers

The first series of police actions and investigations on the list, Silk Stalkings saw huge success in the early 1990s and featured a pair of “hot” detectives solving murder cases in Palm Beach, Florida. . The chemistry of the protagonists was what would shape, for example, the characters of The X-Files and the various pairs of professional opposite-sex partners, with enormous sexual tension. Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture played Sgts Chris Lorenzo and Rita Lee Lance. The duo would play until season five – when their arc ends. In the same season, but already in 1996, a new duo is introduced, but it will not appeal to the public, being soon replaced by Sergeants Tom Ryan and Cassy St. John (Chris Potter and Janet Gunn) – who will remain until the end. of the program, out of a total of 8 seasons in 1999.

final justice

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s will certainly remember Judge Nicholas Marshall, as this series (Dark Justice in the original) marked the period of its nightly broadcasts on Globo with never-before-seen episodes. This talking friend vividly remembers watching the show during his summer vacation at a friend’s beach house. Lawman by day, vigilante by night, the main character even looks like Marvel’s blind hero Daredevil. Here, instead of a lawyer, the main character was a judge, who would go out on his motorbike all night long to hunt criminals the law could not reach in court after the murder of his wife and daughter. The program lasted 3 seasons until 1993. A curiosity is that the main character changed interpreter at the end of the first season. Indeed, the show’s first year was shot in Spain and with the subsequent seasons moving to Los Angeles, Ramy Zada ​​would not be available due to the change of venue, replaced by Bruce Abbott.

A noise guest

If this title is familiar to you, you are not mistaken. At this point, it wasn’t new for blockbuster movie adaptations to turn into TV series. And here we have the small screen version of a Steven Spielberg production. It’s about Harry and the Hendersons (in the original), a “derivative” of ET – The Alien, trading only the little alien for a big foot and the city’s urban environment, for a rural house of the protagonist family. None of the principals involved in the 1987 film have returned to the series, which includes the absences of Spielberg, father John Lithgow (replaced in the series by Bruce Davison) and even gorilla performer Kevin Peter Hall. in the series lived by Patrick Pinney. and Dawan Scott. Only makeup artist Rick Baker, who won the Oscar for creating the big foot in the film, also returned to continue his work of excellence in the series. The show ran for 3 seasons until 1993.

the missing link

Speaking of adaptation, it wasn’t just the movies that got small screen versions, which were very common in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Around this time, Hollywood producers also brooded over ideas from the past. , taking well-known brands out of the oven in order to capture a new legion of fans. But it didn’t always work. Mission: Impossible, for example, was a series that was hugely successful in the ’60s and then brought back to the’ 80s without the same impact, before becoming a big movie theater with Tom Cruise. Here something similar happened. The Lost Link was a big hit in the 1970s, telling the story of the Marshall family, which dates back to the time of the dinosaurs. 30 years ago, a new foray into this plot was attempted, this time focusing on the Porter family – where many came to know this story. The show lasted for 2 seasons until 1992 and would later give a movie in 2009 with Will Ferrell.

street justice

Everyone knows actor Carl Weathers well. Immortalized as Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise, it is thanks to his character that the derivative of Creed with Michael B. Jordan was able to succeed. Weathers appeared in many successful action films in the 1980s, such as The Predator (1987) and Action Jackson (1988). Today, the actor is still active, making his presence felt in the famous Disney + series The Mandalorian, the first derivative on the small screens of the Star Wars universe. But the actor’s flirtation with television is nothing new, and 30 years ago he was starring in his third series. In Steet Justice (in the original title), Weathers played Adam Beaurdreaux, a Vietnam War veteran, seriously injured in action and rescued by a family of missionaries. Years later, the protagonist now works as a police officer and is determined to find the son of such a family, now an adult, when he learns that his parents have been killed. The show ran for 2 seasons until 1993.

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