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Do you remember everyone? Horror movies that will be 10 years old in 2022



Many say that cinema, television and the arts in general influence society. In fact, they are the ones who are influenced by our daily lives and our trends. Take, for example, the cases of genres such as westerns and musicals. At some point, say from the inception of Hollywood to the 1950s, these were two of the most popular genres of cinema, reaching the tastes of male and female audiences of the time, respectively. After a few decades past, they even repeat a comeback, but in the past, they were produced on a large scale, prevalent. With horror, a genre we love, and its aspects, the same thing happens. In the 1980s, it was an extremely successful type of film. In the following decade, the 1990s, not so much. Thus, genres are constantly reinventing themselves within subgenres, adapting to new times and modern society.

Going back ten years, one will notice an abundance of horror productions. Its quality, however, is another story, oscillating without having a smash hit in its repertoire. Despite everything, we have managed to list 18 productions that have a certain appeal for you who are a fan like us, remember with us. So, start your mining on the Internet and discover the ones you didn’t know yet.

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We start the list with what is probably the most cult film of ten years ago. Here we have a production from the same director of the recent The Black Telephone, and with the same Ethan Hawke starring. In the story, the actor plays a renowned detective novelist who stumbles across 8 home movies, suggesting the existence of a serial killer from the 1960s.

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Before participating in the conceptual Mother! (2017), the muse Jennifer Lawrence had already appeared in this horror film, released the same year as the first The Hunger Games. In the film, she plays Elisabeth Shue’s daughter and the two move to a new small town, which has its mysteries, enigmatic neighbors and this house at the end of the street. In a way, the plot tries to echo the classic Psycho (1960).

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Speaking of a young Hollywood star, here we have the presence of another starting her career on the big screen. Elizabeth Olsen is now better known as Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, but before that, ten years ago, she starred alongside big names like Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver in this supernatural thriller about a mysterious psychic with paranormal gifts. .

Ten years ago, young star Daniel Radcliffe sought to distance himself as much as possible from the childish image he had conquered with the Harry Potter films. And for that, he agreed to star in this horror film by Hammer in the style of British Gothic works. The film is a remake of a 1989 TV production – and features Radcliffe as a widower facing an evil spirit.

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It’s true that filmmaker Rob Zombie’s style of horror isn’t for everyone. But what can be said is that this film is probably his best directing effort to date. It’s also his only film dealing with supernatural entities and elements like witchcraft in the narrative – rather than the usual crazed psychopaths.

More than 35 years after one of humanity’s worst disasters, Chernobyl remains a subject of audiovisual pop culture. In 2019, HBO brought us a gritty, hard-hitting, and award-winning miniseries. But before that, ten years ago, Chernobyl became a horror movie, where extreme tourism in the place ends up turning into a nightmare for a group of onlookers.

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Powered by Steven Spielberg, the first Paranormal Activity (2009) was a simple and highly effective success – proving to be the “Blair Witch Project” of the following decade. The success turned the film into a sequel machine, and ten years ago the fourth feature was released. Following the same “home videos” formula, the film served to reveal young girl Kathryn Newton.

Speaking of blockbuster sequels, the third film in the Spanish franchise is now making it to the list [REC]. The first film, even with the now-tired style of found footage, proved to be an effective take on the zombie subgenre. The second film upped the game, proving to be even better than the original. But ten years ago, the third film regressed by leaving aside the previous style and adding a lot of humor. The plot takes place at a wedding.

Ten years after the beginning of cinema, it was the turn of the master of the Giallo subgenre, Dario Argento, to create his unique take on the legend of Count Dracula. And more in 3D. The director cast the late Rutger Hauer as the huntsman Van Helsing and the blood is flowing enthusiastically.

Speaking of vampires and masters of horror, Irishman Neil Jordan may not be an expert on the genre himself, but he has at least one great work in the style on his CV: Interview with the Vampire (1994). Here he returned to the subgenre almost twenty years later, for a story of mother and daughter vampires – played by Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan.

Filmmaker David Cronenberg can also be considered one of the greats of the horror genre – his line was more grotesque and visceral body horror. His son, Brandon, decided to follow the same style as his father and recently released the much-loved Possessor (2020). Eight years earlier, the young man took his first steps at the head of a disturbing and graphic book Antiviral, on the future where fans of celebrities want to share their illnesses.

The original Maniac is a film from the 1980s that showed a grotesque psychopath stalking his all-female victims in New York and scalping them. The original is part of the slasher craze and had effects created by the great Tom Savani. It’s the most psychological remake, featuring Elijah Wood in the lead role of the troubled young man.

Yet another reimagining of a classic horror from the past. The original Piranha dates back to 1978 and shamelessly hitched a ride to the success of Tubarão, only changing the antagonistic fish. In 1981 came a more messed up sequel, directed by James Cameron. In 2010, it was the turn of the fun remake, which would also spawn a funky sequel – two years later and ten years ago. The plot takes place in a water park.

Continuing to the land of huge killer fish, how about the story of two youngsters (a boy and a girl) trapped in a supermarket after the place was completely flooded due to a tsunami. The water also brings huge white sharks for company.

It’s not just supermarkets where horror movie victims have been trapped in movies for ten years. Here, the very blonde Alice Eve has found herself trapped inside an ATM next to two “manes” all night while a psychopath with an ax prowls outside.

Here Jessica Biel stars as a mother desperate to find her kidnapped little son home – who may have been led by the legend of a local entity known as ‘Tall Man’. a small town with missing children.

This movie has an interesting twist when a couple of tourists are attacked by criminals. They are kidnapped, but the bandits soon discover that a psychopath, played by Luke Evans, is going to hunt them down one by one. Blonde Adelaide Clemens plays the victim trapped in the villain’s car.

Terror in Silent Hill (2006) is the adaptation of a famous video game that still mixes horror into its plot. Compared to other movie versions of games, this one even proved successful and even gained a sequel six years later, and ten years ago this sequel hit theaters. The protagonist is the blonde Adelaide Clemens (she still here), who was successful at the time, but is now a bit absent. She is portrayed as Heather, the daughter of the original protagonist Rose, now an adult, she must return to the grim town of Silent Hill and confront her dormant inner demons. The cast includes Kit Harrington and Carrie-Anne Moss.

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