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Do you like ACTION? Meet the blockbuster that came to Netflix in the style of ‘Fast and Furious’



In 2020, still at the beginning of the isolation period, Netflix released a French action film which ended up being a great success with its subscribers, under the title ‘Perdido Bullet’. Since then, we’ve had to deal with even more time inside our homes, and many productions have had to be held back until they can be made. As an unfortunate result, movies that achieved unexpected success – like the aforementioned one – had to wait precious time before playing in their sequel, and that wait could mean a cooling of audience interest. Then, two years and a pandemic later, “Lost Bullet 2” finally hit Netflix and, contrary to predictions, jumped straight into the platform’s Top 10.

After clearing his name after the death of Charras (Ramzy Bedia), mechanic Lino (Alban Lenoir) tried to continue his life working with Lieutenant Julia (Stéfi Celma), but for the past six months he has stood guard daily at Stella’s (Anne Serra) window, certain that Marco (Sébastien Lalanne) will eventually appear. Lino has wanted to settle accounts with the killer since the day he woke up in the hospital and learned that Marco had escaped from the handcuffs, however, when he arrives at the Spanish border, he finds that Marco is wanted. internationally. Gradually, the stories told to him of the whereabouts of the killer begin to get more and more devious, and everyone around him begins to act suspiciously.

Running nearly an hour and forty, ‘Bullet Perdido 2’ bears little resemblance to the original film. Apart from the title and the protagonist, who kept the same actor, the story itself unfolds very differently from the original feature film. Seeming to bring in less of a budget and with that having fewer modified cars rolling through production, this in practice means that while the first feature caught the eye for resembling the “Fast and Furious” franchise, the sequel seems to have left that feature aside, featuring just a single modified car, and that’s not even that cool.

Have fun watching:

Written and re-directed by Guillaume Pierret, the screenplay for ‘Lost Bullet 2’ focuses more on a story that builds an environment of espionage, betrayal and conspiracy theory than the shootings, beatings and bombings typical of classic movies. action – and which, incidentally, was a big part of the previous functionality. That way you have a film that’s more about the personal drama of the characters and their particular goals than about entertaining the viewer with wild scenes – which is what you want to see in this type of film. Even keeping a few car chase scenes (on an open-air expressway, in the countryside), they are in no way reminiscent of the scenes with dozens of cars running through the streets of France that we saw in the previous film. The same can be said of the fight and action scenes; they are there, but they are also few compared to the previous one.

“Lost Bullet 2” definitely takes the foot off and behaves more, disappointing viewers. With fewer but effective action scenes, the film entertains, even if it has lost its original vigor. Since everything points to a new sequel, it is to be hoped that the new project will take up the initial proposal of the French franchise.

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