Do you eat nutella for breakfast? Here’s what they found: “Warning”



Nutella is synonymous with happiness; only 7 letters that make us dream and immediately make our mouths water. Indeed, what world would it be without Nutella? Loved by adults and children, it is a real treat that never tires, it is a 100% Italian commercial brand, which was born in Piedmont, exactly in Alba in the province of Cuneo, in 1964. This Fantastic invention was born at the hands of the Ferrero family but, to be precise, its origin is due to Pietro Ferrero who, in 1946, sold for the first time a chocolate and hazelnut cream that bears the name of Pasta Giandujot.

A few years later, in 1951, Supercrema was born, sold rather in large jars, but the official turning point came in 1963 when Michele, Pietro’s son, decided to renew it and market it throughout Europe: thus was born the famous Nutella. The name of this super delicious cream comes from the English name “nut” (“nut”) by adding the suffix “ella” to make the name more catchy. Nutella is composed of a gianduja cream composed of sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts, palm oil, powdered milk and vanilla pods; it contains many nourishing properties including vitamin E, calcium and iron.

It has been claimed that in addition to making us happy early in the morning, it is even good for our health as long as we follow a healthy and balanced diet, but it is obvious to point out that, like any other food, its abuse could cause problems to our body. When it comes to the skin, for example, there are those who say that Nutella is responsible for the formation of pimples on the face, but that’s just an old popular myth that’s all too common. In order to deny this saying, the experts conducted a study on 250 people of adolescent age demonstrating with certainty that there is no certified link between acne and the chocolate contained in the cream to spread.

The only chocolate that could affect the appearance of the skin is white Nutella but still if consumed in excessive amounts. Nutella for breakfast, yes or no? Eating Nutella in the morning, for breakfast, spread on a rusk or toast is certainly able to guarantee the right dose of energy to face the day in the best possible way. Well, you can think of having your breakfast every day with Nutella… NO. Caution. It is an excellent delicacy to treat yourself from time to time but it is not suitable for daily consumption given the percentage of saturated fats and sugars it contains.

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