Do not consume this organic product: there is a Ministry alert



The Ministry of Health has launched a new alert by withdrawing an organic product from the market: the press release on the ministerial website.

The controls of the Ministry of Health do not stop at the products placed on the market. Indeed, in these hours a new organic product has been withdrawn from the market: all the details of the notice.

The product withdrawn from the market (Via WebSource)

The Italian government continues to monitor the products placed on the market to protect the health of its consumers. Indeed, the risks associated with contaminated food products are always numerous. Controls on these products are increasing both in Italy and in other European countries. As the Ministry of Health points out, the chemical risks linked to the contamination of food intended for retail sale are numerous.

On its website, the Ministry of Health, the operators of the sector (OSA) have the obligation to inform their customers of the non-conformities observed in the foodstuffs offered for sale. In addition, in the event of contamination or risk, they are required to withdraw the incriminated lots from sale. The OSA will also have to withdraw these products from the market, so let’s see what is the latest action taken by the Italian Ministry of Health. Let’s take a look at the latest product withdrawn from the market.

Ministry alert, organic yeast withdrawn: the press release

Full details about organic yeast removed (via WebSource)

In these hours therefore, the Ministry of Health withdrew a batch of Organic Fresh Yeast, from the Bioreal brand. In fact, the withdrawal came due to a physical risk. On its official website, the ministry communicated all the details concerning the product withdrawn from the market. In fact it is the production batch number: 4331.

The reason for the recall would be the presence inside the product of certain metal fragments. In addition, the ministerial press release specifies: “Consumers are recommended to check the product purchased and the stocks at home and if they belong to the aforementioned expiry date, NOT TO CONSUME IT and to bring it back to your retailer who will will replace or refund it as and when. as well as clarifying all doubts “. Then the product must be returned to the store that will have it available to the company.

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