Disney Plus, blow to users: it will no longer be possible to do so



Disney Plus entered the world of streaming platforms not too timidly and caught on, but now users may be disappointed

Streaming platforms aim to have as many users as possible in order to earn the most. This is often not the case with account sharing that you are trying to find a cure for.

Disney+ (disneyplus.com)

However, fighting piracy is not child’s play, which is why streaming platforms are doing their best to try to have lower costs and attract the majority of users around the world. When people claim that the costs are high, they start introducing advertising plan exactly like Hulu, HBO Max and more recently Netflix which offered cheaper subscription plan but includes advertising.

Disney Plus is also considering renewing its subscriptions and trying to figure out the smartest way to do it. It would indeed seem that the platform wants to offer a subscription level with advertising, but that they will no longer be able to use SharePlay or GroupWatch.

Disney Plus with advertising: the new cheaper subscription

The Disney+ logo (Instagram)

Disney Plus follows the line already taken by other streaming platforms which offer a subscription with advertising at a lower price, but by removing some of the comfort enjoyed by classic subscribers. Like Netflix which limits ad-supported streaming to 720p quality and without the download option, the platform could also follow this type of plan.

The new subscription could be available from December 8 at a cost that seems to be 8 euros per month. Another function that will be missing will be that of sharing the shared subscription and GroupWatch: if only one of those who see a film together does not have the classic subscription, it is not fair that the others suffer from advertising , nor convenient to remove advertising from the only one who has another type of subscription.

Undoubtedly, what Disney Plus has studied is on an experimental basis and the subscription will be refined over time.

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